Doesn't anyone here like Alessandro Del Piero?

You see, he was the first Italian footballer I came to know of and I've always been an admirer. Here, we talk about all sorts of Italian players from Cannavaro to Materazzi, Buffon to Nesta everyone. But I've never heard anyone mention Alessa's name. Have a look at his pic in wikipedia:

'Sides he is a great player...his career in Juventus is proof for that.


these are good too :) heart just started beating a whole lot faster lol

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    Del Piero is like the mascot of Juventus. The team just would not be the same without him. He is so talented on the field...not to mention what a strong leader he is for Juve. He is the heart and soul of the team. The man is adorable too, so that doesn't hurt! God I love Italian soccer!!! And I must agree, Del Piero was the first player that I ever began following with Juve/Italian soccer.

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    I respect Del Piero the most in the current Italian side even more than Cannavaro, Nesta, but after Maldini , whos retiered

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    Out of all the Italian players, del Piero and Cannavaro are the ones I would most like the meet.

  • Pinky
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    1 decade ago

    First when I started being an Italian Fan

    the only good player I knew was Del Piero!

    I love him and always will!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Del Piero has been one of my favorite players to watch for as long as I've been watching Italian football. Being a goalkeeper myself, Buffon is my favorite player overall, but as far as just field players, Del Piero is probably tops on my list.

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    Alessandro Del Piero is one of the best players in the Italian team. He is an expert in dead-ball situations as he is among the world's best in taking free kicks and penalty kicks Particularly famous for inside-curling, dipping shot that he takes in the area that is up to 10 yards outside the penalty box, which is known as "La Zona Del Piero" meaning "The Del Piero Zone."

    I think he's way too underrated!!

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    del piero, dang! he didn't play much in the world cup but he is definitley the only italian that i respect apart from buffon. materazzi, toni, grosso they are all diving *******. but alessa plays with style and respect for the game and the other team. and he has some sick f50+ sg's

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  • Belle
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    1 decade ago

    I LOVE HIM!!!He is the reason why i like italian football...!!

    He was the "IT" guy before any of the talk of Cannavaro or Materazzi...

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    very great player....i like him the most over all the italian players...and maybe one reason they dont talk about him because he's in juventus which is in series B now, if they were series A people would talk more about him.

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Del Piero he is sucha sweetie <3

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