I have an engraving of a scene in Egypt on a copper sheet 2'x3', what is the value?

I bought a beautiful scene of the ruins of ancient Egypt. It is engraved in colors on a sheet of copper about 2ft X 3 ft. I bought it from an estate sale. Does anyone know what its value is?

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    $12.57 the exchange rate from the price paid at the souvenir stand ;).

    I would get in professionally appraised if you are really interested.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Probably the cost of the scrap metal or the price you paid at auction however as with any unique object you must consider its age, condition, and quality. Was it hand tooled or stamped? Is there a signature or mark that would indicate origin? What is the style, art deco, pre-Raphaelite, or older? Most appraisers are also dealers so make sure that they are reputable and have the proper credentials. I suggest you tell them that you are having it appraised for insurance purposes only.

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    in Egypt, millions of egptian money

    in america about the same but um u no u should check places where they find out what values of things, but id say slightly less than 4 what u got it

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    752 million

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