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With Neo-Republicans Hiring illegal Immigrants?

With Neo-Conservative Republicans Hiring illegal Immigrants? At Sub-Standard, or no Wages, is this a form of slavery?

Please Neo-Conservatives, do not send the wrong signals to Iran, please Stay the course, move forward, err not reverse, on your answers.


I see, some answers stating,"if you see this turn them in" Thats a big laugh...Go to your big corporate job construction sites, you will see it first hand.

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    I'm fairly certian the biggest push to make tougher immigration laws are from your "neo-conservatives". By opposing them are you advocating slavery?

    Or are you supporting people not paying taxes?

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    And why is this a Republican thing??? My employer is neither and does not vote and we have a large number of people employed including mostly Mexicans. I can tell you right now there are more Democrats doing this than Republicans cause democrats are for anything that brings this country down.

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    First, where are you getting your information?

    Who is hiring anybody and not paying them. Even the immigrant

    workers who pick grapes and vegetables get paid. It is not a

    great wage, true, but they do get paid.

    So, again, where are you getting your information.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a nice day.

    Thank you very much, while you're up!

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    If you know this to be true...Turn them in...every time, every day continue to turn them in until something changes...Call right now,,,turn them in ,,they're breaking the law and need to be "brought to justice"....

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    Yes, we need the cheap labor

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