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I'm including a little more info I left out in the first post. When we argue (if he's holding the baby), he will throw/shove her at me with her full weight go I have to catch my balance in order to not fall with her in my arms. You know how something heavy is tossed to you and you dont realize how heavy it is so you try to catch your balance before falling with it in your arms? Also, she was present during the fight we had, when i did allow him to take her and spend time with her I would tell him to have her back at a certain time and he wouldn't. I would call and he wouldn't answer my phone calls, but if i had his family call he would answer.Because i know how he is, if his friends were to tell him about a party, he would drop everything he was doing and take our daughter to be watched by someone while he go party. And lastly, he sends me messages and text messages saying he only wants joint custody to lower his child support in which he only pays $250 anyway. What do you think???

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    He sounds dangerous! Please take advantage to all the legal/community programmes your town,city,province, or state has to offer. Please call your local victims services, they will be able to give you many contact numbers you can use too keep this abuse and control at bay. I hope your main focus is the safety of your child and self. Stop the cycle of abuse now! Your child may be more affected by his control and abuse more than you think. I hope this helps. Good luck! Take care

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    I thnk he's a piece of crap!! And u can go to child support office in your local area and talk with them about the visitation rights that he has. I had mine where my exhusband was not allowed to take my kids unless it was supervisied with me or another family member weather it was his mom or someone in my family. Until my youngest was 3 and then it moved up to every other weekend. and that was only on Sunday's from 10 am to 6 pm. U just have to look into your options. We had an abusive relationship and now my children are very timid when it comes to me dating anyone. They think that everyone is like him. Dont give him joint custody. That's letting him get what he wants.

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    i would call a lawyer, have someone there when he comes so that when he shoves you and pushes you , you will have a witness, and call the cops. and if you know any one that seen the brusis and that contact them so they can testify for you. and this way if he tries to get full custody he won't be able too get it because of his temper. and you can also have him arrested for assult and battery.and tell him that hes not going to see his child unless he goes and gets help.

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    That he is a total ***, and he is shoving your daughter like that into your arms you need to get his butt back into court to see about getting only supervised visits, god only knows what he is doing when you are not around. Sick!!

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    i did not read your previous post. i am not sure what you are asking. throwing your child isn't a good thing and should be addressed. the rest of your letter is pretty much jibberish.

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    He's a DEADBEAT DAD!!!!!

    Take him to court to get what you deserve........sound like he needs a lot of counseling too!!!

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    tell him its not fair if he dosent listen go to court

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