If your kid knocked someone out what would you do?

1)take all of their christmas presents back.

2)ground them for two months.

3)send them to juvenille.

4) all of the above.

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    Probably number 2 because you cannot take Christmas from them.

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    It would depend on why the kid knocked someone out, but it would probably be #2. Sending your kid to jail is only OK if you admit that you have no control over him. Taking back all the Christmas presents is just wrong, and it would be a better punishment to give the kid a new game system and say he can't play it for a month!

    So back to why--a lot of times fighting isn't a simple behavior issue. Especially if you are talking about a kid who is generally well-behaved. There are a lot of lessons to be learned after a fight, but I need to hear more about the situation. Punishment would probably be necessary, but would not be the most important part of the lesson taught here.

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    It depends largely upon the circumstances. How old is the child? Was he the aggressor, or was he defending himself? Was it a fistfight, or did he use a weapon like a bat? Does he feel remorse about this, or is he thinking he is a tough guy?

    The main thing, though, is that knocking someone unconscious is a very serious thing. Assault charges could be filed. Your child needs to understand that hurting people is unacceptable.

    Does the victim have medical bills? Perhaps some of the Christmas presents should be returned so that your son can help pay for the recovery of the person he knocked out. And I would definitely get the kid into some sort of counseling, so he gets straightened out. Violence as a young person is very likely to lead to violence as an adult. This is an opportunity for you to help this kid learn from a very serious mistake. Make sure that the consequence you choose is not just to punish him but to help him learn to make better choices in his life.

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    Definently ground them but more importantly make sure your child isn't getting the idea that it is "cool" for knocking someone out. He has to know it is wrong and there are consequences but if the child is not in trouble alot then ground the kid and discuss what was wrong about doing that but if this is a first time offense, no need to send to juvenille.

    Boys especially, if they think it is cool to fight....they will do it all thier life...I've seen this in lots of guys I know.

    Blessings and Happy Holidays!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd have to know the circumstances involved. If it's a one-time offense, option 3 is NOT going to help. Sending good kids who made a bad decision to spend the majority of their time with bad kids who rarely make good decisions is only going to make them worse.

    Grounding for 2 months seems arbitrary. Why 2 months? Why not 3? Obviously privileges should be taken away though.

    If you celebrate Christmas because you believe Jesus is the savior and giving gifts to your loved ones is a way to express your appreciation for them, then taking away the gifts doesn't seem right. Jesus loves unconditionally, and your love should be too. With that said, you could exchange the gifts for different items- things he/she needs or educational gifts.

    Again, without knowing more about what happened, it's hard for any of us to say what a good punishment would be.

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    Can i ask for more details? I mean how old is child? Was it possibly an accident? Was child protecting themselves? Was it they were being a bully. Without knowing why a child did it i cannot fairly answer the question. Because if there was no reason i would say grounding because taking Christmas is devastating to a child. But if there was a good reason i might not do anything. For example if they were protecting themselves from someone.

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    number 2

  • 1 decade ago

    First ask why..they may have a very good reason then none of the above would apply.

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    depends on the age of the child.

    if he/she is 7, id spank the child

    but if he/she is 17, then number 2 would be more age approprate.

    need more info!

  • 1 decade ago

    2 definitly

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