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i need a way to get past a school blocker to check my facebook email. if anyone knows any site i can use...?

and please don't tell me i should respect the schools rules and wait till i get home to check my email. if you dont have a website or something i can use, please do not reply to this. thanks

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    Unless you can find a proxy and for some reason they didn't shut down the port for proxy requests on the county server, then your screwed.

  • Gayle
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    Unfortunately, unless you're a highly skilled hacker, you probably can't get past their firewall. If your school has an IT person or contracts with an IT company, their system is already setup with safeguards that you just won't be able to get around - the necessary passwords and security systems are just too complex. Think about this way - whoever runs their computer system does this on a full-time basis. This is their job and they know what they are doing. Unless you are willing to spend a similar amount of time and energy learning to hack computers, you're just not going to be able to beat the time and expertise they already put into it. Besides, the computers and the internet access are the property of the school - this isn't your property and you don't have the "right" to use it as you wish. So you just have to accept their restrictions as their right. I totally understand being an honors student with plenty of time to kill, and yes, it's totally reasonable that you should be able to spend your free time at your discretion. But the school's right to manage use of their own property supersedes your right to entertainment. My suggestion, since you have computer access during this free time, is to write blogs or messages and save them to a Word document. Then, when you have internet access later, you can simply cut, paste, and send. It will save you a lot of time later.

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    There is no way. None, zilch, nada, zippo. The school uses a fileration software that blocks the web site name BEFORE the browser renders it. Unless you can hack into the system, and change this, you can't.

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    My school is the same way. What I do is go to and inside the address box type in your www. ******* .com . Since it is ran through a proxy server it is a bit slow. Enjoy though. You can even watch por.. nevermind just enjoy :-D

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