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what is normal weight gain for 37 weeks pregnant??

I am almost 5' 9" and I have gained 24 lbs so far...I also read that moms carrying boys gain more...What is generally normal??

Also why are my boobs not growing like other pregnant women???


I gsined 35 lbs with my first son...and I lost all but one pound prior to getting pregnant 2.5 yrs later....I am not skinnh nor overweight...I just feel so much more huge...I don't know though I guess I am just wondering if others think my weight is in the NORM!!!!

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    i know this sounds crazy, but a lot of doctors will say that you should oly gain 25 pounds at the most during your pregnancy.....they say you should only be eating 100 more calories than you normally would.....i think thats a load of crap!!!!

    i am 5ft tall, and have gained 43.9 pounds (i went to the doctors yesterday)....i am 39 weeks pregnant.....

    you are in a very good weight range and should not be worried about gaining will probably put on 1 or 2 more pounds, but by the time you get to 39 weeks i wouldnt be surprised if your weight levels off.

    as for your breasts, dont worry, i have heard of some mothers breasts doubling in size the week before they went into just depends when they want to start filling with milk!

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    haha well congratulations, you're almost there! Im not 37 weeks, but I will be 27 weeks tomorrow, and at my last appointment I had gained 35 pounds, which was two weeks ago. So im sure by now i've gained a couple more. 35-40 lbs is the "average" and expected weight gain of an entire pregnancy, so you're right on track. You have nothing to worry about.

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    It doesn't matter what gender the baby is, but it IS true that USUALLY you gain the most with your first pregnancy (not always of course). If you were healthy (not over or under weight) before you got pregnant, you're supposed to gain between 25-35 lbs by the end of your pregnancy. So if that's the case, you're right on :). People that are underweight are supposed to gain a little more, and people overweight a little less.

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    It depends on if you were heavy, normal or underweight prior to conceiving.

    With that said 25-35 pounds is a good weight gain for a normal person in a pregnancy.

    As for the boobs, just wait till your milk comes in. This usually happens when the babe is born.

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  • Cara M
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    24 lbs is on the low side, but not bad at all! Everything I've read says you should gain between 25 and 35 lbs... I wouldn't worry as long as you're eating well and your Dr. isn't concerned.

    Also, if you have large boobs, they won't grow as much as women with smaller boobs. I'm 39 weeks and can still wear my regular bras, so I'm happy!

    Good luck!

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    u know what, im carrying a boy also and my boobs have barely grown at all and people cant even believe im due in 5 days by my size, im pretty small, but me and my baby are long as u are eating and drinking, ur fine.....there is no certain amount of weight women should gain, everyone is different.....i gained 35 lbs for my whole pregnancy

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    I think 20-25 lb is normal and then most women don't gain much in the last few weeks. I gained much more with my daughter then with my son.

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    It sounds to me that your in the right track, in the next 3 weeks your baby will but in the weight not you. I think you will but another 5lbs more which is concidered to be normal. Doctors recommend 25-35lbs. Its usually the other way around its common for woman who carry girls to have more weight gain then boys. But every woman its different.

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    I am 5'0 feet tall and weighed a little over 100lbs before I got pregnant and I gained 40lbs through out my pregnancy. I was huge but it was all in my belly and I had a daughter. Its different for everyone though.

    Source(s): mommy of 15 month old daughter and trying for another baby
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    Your body grows and adds weight as your body needs to.

    My body had to put on 43 pounds for this pregnancy, and iam just barely hitting 36 weeks. The doctor says i probably need to put on another 5-10 at most. Just depends on what your body needs you to do.

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