I am expecting a baby in July and want to get my wife a cool present for X-mas, what should I get her?

She is not a big jewlery fan unless it is something "earthy" I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!

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    How about a charm bracelet that you start off with charms that mean something to both of you like your first date, your wedding day, etc. (ex. if your first date was the movies, get her a movie charm, wedding day - a gold band charm, the day you bought a house or moved in together, stuff like that) and explain to her what they all mean. Make one of the charms a baby shoe and tell her that you will keep adding charms to mark all the milestones in your life together. I guarantee that it would mean a lot to her and always be something special (she may cry, I would). It would also be a family keepsake that she could tell your children and grandchildren about someday.

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    At this point- anything but something for the baby. She is going to be showered with gifts for the baby soon enough. Make sure that it is something that is meaningful to the both of you. Woman, especially pregnant woman, are very sentimental. What did you do for her for your first date? Is there something that you see in a store that reminds you of her.

    A gift from the heart is always best. Write a card to go with it telling her how you feel and how the present is something that reminds you of her.

    If not jewlery, what is she into? what do you two do together? think of those questions when you try to think of what to give her. AND DON"T BUY SOEMTHING FOR HER THAT YOU THINK SHE WON"T LIKE SO YOU CAN GET IT!

    hope this helped!

    Source(s): my bf one year wanted to make me a cake for my birthday and got the box mix and tried to cook it in the microwave.... it's the thought that counts!
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    You should check into scheduling a visit for a 3 D sonogram. Here in CA we have a place called Tate Diagnostics. My mom got me a 3 D sonogram for my Christmas gift before I had my son (2 and a half years ago), and we went again for my daughter this past year. It is one of the best experiences I had while pregnant. We got to see what our little ones looked like before they were born and it is an amazing feeling. (the best time to get the sonogram done is between 7 and 8 months, but it is worth the wait.) Congrats and Happy Holidays!!

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    I totally agree with the prenatal massage, I LOVED IT!!! What about a belly casting kit so that you guys can always enjoy her pregnant belly and it's also something to show your child. You can also get beautiful necklaces for pregnant mama's. They have super long chains and an angel wing pendant that rests on mommy's tummy so that the baby is protected. I never saw those till after I had my daughter but i know that it is something that I would have loved to receive. Good luck!

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    Massage oil, foot lotion for you to use at home and a gift certificate to a professional to get her started. A nice comfy outfit for her to come home from the hospital in. Jammies to wear in the hospital. A special photo album to start putting the baby pictures in. A nice pen and journal. A gift certificate for a spa to use after the baby. Whatever food she has been craving. Fuzzy slippers and a robe for those late night feedings.

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    Pamper her... it's going to be all about the baby soon enough. Keep in mind she'll need maternity clothes, get her a GC to a maternity store. And you definitely can't go wrong with the prenatal massages or even manicure/ pedicure. It sucks to have to try to paint your toenails when you can't freakin bend over! :)

    Maybe do something nice for her like wash her car... stuff like that. She'll appreciate it.

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    DONT get anything that has to do with the baby. Save that for a baby shower. Get something personal maybe some hot maternity clothes. Or something from the body shop

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    a gift certificate to a prenatal massage would be good or a small piece of jewelry in the new baby's birthstone. Even if she doesn't do much jewelry, a small necklace with a single stone on it would be sentimental and sweet.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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    I would get her a spa gift certificate. A nice facial or pregnancy massage or pedicure or manicure would make any pregant woman feel more comfortable and relaxed. What woman doesn't like a little pampering, especially if she is pregnant!

  • A series of prenatal massages - like one a month until baby is born. My husband did that and I loved it. And, it's earthy/natural.

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