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In sports slang what does bang the apple mean?

If you know other sports slang please also put it here. I am in a Journalism class and I need help with some of the sports slang since I am not someone really into sports.

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    I've never heard of "bang the apple", but here are some others I know that are pretty popular:

    "posterized" = get dunked on so bad that it gets put on a poster (basketball)

    "take it to the house/barn" = score a touchdown (football)

    "going yard" = hitting a homerun (baseball)

    "No-No" = a pitched no-hitter (baseball)

    "Bring the heat" = throwing a fastball (baseball)

    "going 5-hole" = scoring a goal between the goalies legs (hockey)

    Hope this helped.

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    Baseball I think

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