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Does my guy friend like me as more than a friend?

My Guy Friend.?

ok, he just broke up with his cheating girlfriend and now he is acting realy weird. It all started at the dance at the end of the night i asked him to slow dance and we just talked about random stuff like his friends problem, then he starts walking with me to my third class in school and at lunch he showed up at my table and started talking to me about his chocolate milk and how cold it is outside. i am starting to get text messages about him sleeping and pushing a barbeque and i never got any texts before. We aren't that close of friends i've only hung out with him with my other friends but i'm wondering if he's likes me or something. i don't want to ask him and wreck our friendship because he thinks i like him. oh and he also hugs me every time he sees me and once or twice i almost fell over cuz he wouldn't let go. What Should i do????

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    ahhh, young love is in the air or w/e they say---the question is do you like him? if you hang out with him long enough youll find out, cause this really aint helping the problem, i mean asking us online, cause we dont know him or you! You could always ask someone at school if hes does or just ask him yourself! MERRY CHRISTMAS

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    whatever happens, make sure you are okay with being his "rebound" from his cheating girlfriend

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