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Where can I buy a walnut husk?


I need it for a homemade hair dye. And in America, mainly GA would be nice.

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    Very interesting !

    I would post in the local newspaper If you live in the city. Many people have walnut trees and never use the nuts.

    I know in Sacramento several people sell nut meats and post in the paper. You might also try your local farmers market.

    NOW why don't you post your formula for black dye.

    I did a wood chest and looked for a natural black Ebony stain Was never happy with the depth.

    Won't it stain your skin?

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    They are around Black English Walnuts, you travel to the top of Picadilly square and look for the brown Squirrel selling nuts. Here's the skinny--

    The flavor of black walnut lends a gourmet touch to cookies, breads, cakes and other baked goods. The nutmeats are often expensive and difficult to locate; discovering an available crop of black walnuts is a real find.

    Black walnuts are about two inches in diameter and are shaped like basketballs. The trees can be identified by their large compound leaves, alternately arranged on the branches. Each leaf has 15-23 leaflets; the terminal one is often missing. The surface of the leaf is dull with a slightly hairy or downy texture on the underside.

    While Black walnut, Juglans nigra, is the hardiest walnut found in Minnesota, late spring frosts may still reduce its yield. You are most likely to find walnut trees with nuts ready for harvest in southern Minnesota in early fall, late August through the end of September.

    Allow nuts to ripen on the tree. After harvest, you must husk and cure the nuts for the best flavor. Remove the outer skin of the walnut, the husk, and dry the nuts to cure them. After curing, nuts can be used or stored either shelled or unshelled. Two pounds of unshelled black walnuts found in the wild will yield about a cupful of nut meats.


    As black walnuts ripen, the husk changes from solid green to yellowish green. Walnut juice leaves a dark stain, so wear gloves or use tongs when you handle unhusked walnuts. Press on the skin of the walnut with your thumb; ripe nuts will show an indentation. Weekly monitoring is important as nuts will mature over a four to six week period. Try to harvest the ripe nuts directly from the tree, ahead of the squirrels. If the nuts are too difficult to reach, they can be collected after they fall from the tree during frosts. Often the husk of mature nuts has dried and cracked. Husks must be removed before you store black walnuts.

    Prepare for Storage

    Removing the husk is an important step in storing black walnuts properly. If the nuts are stored with husks attached, the heat released as the husks decompose will discolor walnut kernels and ruin their flavor.

    Hulling walnuts, removing the husk, can be a difficult and messy task. The indelible dye from the husk stains hands, clothes, tools and work surfaces. If you are working with

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    Where can I buy black walnuts for baking in Los Angeles, Marina del Rey Culver City or Santa Monica Ca/

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    We threw away some not long ago, after we shelled the Walnuts. They turn black over time. I can look around, may be a few laying around you can have.

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    Hang on, I'll go list one on eBay.

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    Why would you want to?

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