Pregnant and spotting please help?

I got my period 11/19/2006 for 3 days then I week later starting spotting brown so I thought it was just old blood and thought nothing of it. This month no period so I took a pregnancy test and five after just to confirm. Now again I have the same brown spotting am I pregnant or not? My boobs are really sore and not sick but get this weird tangy taste in my mouth that makes me wanna puke. Please tell me what is going on.


All six test were positive.

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    Go to the doctor. You may be pregnant. It may be nothing, too... my wife had some spotting when she was pregnant with our son and he was born fully healthy and she's in great shape. It's better to know for sure.

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    First off, when in doubt go to the doctor. Never ever take risks with your health or possibly your baby's health. You may feel silly when they tell you that it's nothing and it's perfectly natural to have these things, but always check with your doctor.

    Second, you are pregnant. If 6 pregnancy tests tell you are pregnant, then you are pregnant. The sore boobs are the hormones in your body changing. The spotting, this is probably just the fertilized egg attaching itself inside you and getting ready to start growing.

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    You should make an appointment to see your doctor. If your periods have become irregular you can discuss that and also get a blood test to confirm a negative or positive result. Good luck!

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    If you got positives then you are preggo.

    Anything can cause spotting. Did you have sex? If so that could be the reason.

    If it does not go away soon or gets to be a lot more then go to the Dr.

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    Were the tests positive or what? Thats a very important point you left out.

    If theyre positive then you're pregnant and spotting. Happens all the time. If theyre negative, then you're just spotting. Happens all the time.

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    the taste in your mouth is known as metal mouth and is a symptom of pregnancy. the spotting is normal especially if it is brown, it is old blood and nothing to worry about.

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    Call your Dr. If you got a + you are pregnant....Brown blood is "old" blood and could be nothing But i would get into your dr. as soon as you can to be sure.

    Good luck

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    light spotting is normal during early pregnancy

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    PLEASE, PLEASE go to a doctor immediately. Do not ask any of us -- the answers we give you could be dangerous to you!! GO TO A DOCTOR!!

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