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Allen Iverson a good fit in Denver?

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    It's up to George Karl to tame him. Iverson is getting older and he needs to get a championship now. I think this is the team for him. he just needs to even out his offense with Anthony. They already got a team and with George Karl who already has playoff experience, same goes with Iverson.

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    Iverson is a great player, I think he'll do alright in Denver since the fans will embrace him quickly. I don't think this is a long term situation for either the Nuggets or Iverson. Denver is a much different city than Philly so there will be a big adjustment for Iverson in terms of the T.V. market. Denver is a much more laid back town than Philadephia but nonetheless are just as hungry for a championship.

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    Of course....400 Season tix got sold after the first 35 minutes it was announced ....and every time Denver travels taht team will sell out......

    Denver is a great fit...they already have a superstar to potentially make a run and it is great financially....

    Plus they lose Melo for 14 games and need a "replacement"

  • He's a good fit for the Colorado Penal League.

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    allen iverson teamed up with carmelo anthony and j.r. smith is indistructable

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    It remains to be seen how he'll get along with 'Melo. They could be very successful if they do.

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    yes of course. he is a beast no matter where he plays. he can play either PG or SG which ever they want.

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    He's not a good fit anywhere.

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