newly stay at home mom, besides looking after baby and the home?

what other things do stay at home moms do???? My baby is only 6 mths old, play dates only go so far. I think i might start to go loopy soon, anyone out there in the same situation???

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    oh yeah! I know what you mean! I have a 10 month old and we're having another one. I wanted 2 kids close together, but the reason why they are THIS close is because, quite frankly, I get bored! Hopefully 2 kids will keep me busy.

    I picked up a couple of hobbies. I crochet and I cross stitch. They are both hard sometimes as my daughter is always wanting to grab whatever I am doing.

    I also cook really good dinners. Since I've been pregnant they aren't as good, but before I was pregnant I'd make elaborate dinners that took a while

    What about taking an online community college class? You wouldn't have to leave home and it would keep you busy.

    Good luck!

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    Some people think that stay at home mums should be just that, stay at home. My two kids are 3 yrs old and 9 months old, but before i had my second, i was full time carer of 2 extra kids, aged 3 and 5, so when my 2nd son came along and i went back to just 2, i went nuts. After about 3 months of twiddling my thumbs i started studying from home part time. That got too easy so i got a casual job barmaiding 3 nights a week for a few hours a night. I also have 5 dogs, foster dogs for the local shelter so its usually 7 or 8 dogs altogether a large house and my husband works away. It sounds like a lot to do but if you can manage your time effeciently there is nothing you cant do as a stay at home mom. I am happy doing everything i do and because im happy my kids are too. I hope you find something to occupy your time, and just remember that what ever you do do, if it gets too much you can quit and go back to just being a mom coz its the best job in the world.

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    You should look into starting a home-based business. You may not need the money, but at least you'll have something to do besides cleaning the house and taking care of baby. I was off for three months when I had my daugther and that got really old real quick!

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    Heh, whoever coined the term "stay at home mom" had NOOO idea! I get out as often as I can to keep me from getting cabin fever! I've also taken up crafts to occupy myself when I can't go out (naptime, kids are sick, etc.).

    Try locating a local moms group that has playdates and the like. I know your baby is a little young to play, but if you find a group of moms you like, it's a lot more fun for you!

    If you have any friends that are also SAHM's, try to get together once in a while for lunch or something. Sometimes I even throw the stroller in the car and drive to the mall for the heck of it, b/c *I* need to get out of my house and get moving!

    There's plenty of ways to keep yourself from going stir-crazy, you just need to find what works for you!

    Source(s): SAHM of twins :)
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    i remember those days. its fun to do tummy time with the baby. you can join a gym with a daycare and workout for an hour. helps with the baby wieght too. theres always major cleaning. i find its a good waste of time to clean a closet or scrub the tiles in the bathroom. i know its not much but what ever keeps you busy. you can make a big dinner for daddy when he gets home my husband loves when i do that. my sons are two and three so my time is always taken except for naptime when i finally get a few mins for something. you will find that as they get older there will be more to do. good luck .

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    I started a business that I could do from home to avoid going insane. 3 1/2 years and I am still at it.

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    Work from home.

    Usually the dusting, cleaning, rearranging, laundry, dishes, cooking three meals plus snacks and deserts, home imporvement tasks (painting, fixing, moving things) keeps me busy even without the baby here yet.

    Plus theres the dog and the yard and the bills and the phone...

    On the down time i like to study things like acient middle eastern history, or work on some art, or things like that.

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    I'm a stay-at-home mom now, and I don't understand why mothers say that they are so busy and don't have time to do anything.... I have two kids and way to much time to do nothing......

    I've taken up sewing, but thats hard to do if both my kids are awake! You could read some good books to make the time pass.... or you could put your baby on the floor and answer questions on yahoo for hours at a time :) lol..... you can get addicted to this place easily enough!

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    Work from home. Clean, prepare a big dinner. There are lots of things you can do. Make a hobby, like photography, you can snap pictures of your baby. There are all sorts of things you can do. You can write stories, sew, knit, anything! Congrats and have fun!

    Hope I helped! Have a very Merry Christmas!

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    Well i have a 7 month old daughter and my life revolves around her now and to make matters worse my other half is more of a baby then she is but i keep myself sane by seeing the smile on my daughters face everytime she wakes up or when i walk in the room and as for my other half i make good use of his wallet..hehe..SHOPPING GIRL(for yourself) ..nothing beats that..good luck

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