what to do???

I'm 38 weeks pregnet,and i'm only 17 i know he baby will come when he's ready but i'm ready i feel realy unconfortable i tryed walking up and down the stairs and i drank a WHOLE bottle of castro oil and nothing!!!! what are some more methods to try to induce labor or what can I do to make myself more confortable??

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    I tryed castor oil too and it didnt do anything I tryed walking spicy foods everything... I finally went to my doctor and asked him if he could induce me because I have been haveing alot of trouble breathing ( I have asthma) it wasn't a total lie I had been haveing more trouble breathing but I kinda exagerated a bit and so he induced me the next day! if you have asthma and another breathing problem give it a try! worked for me and I wasn't due until nov.12 I was induced Oct.25 my son was born the next day (oct.26) and thank god I was induced because my son was 7 lbs 4 oz 2and 1/2 weeks early doctor said if I went to due date he probably would have been almost 10 lbs good luck

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    The truth is the baby will come when its ready. From my own personal experience my girls have been 1-2 weeks past their due date so I know that using castrol oil, try rasberry black tea, sex will not induce labor in my case. In my last pregnancy this year I was a week over due with my daughter. I went to the mail to walk for 4 hours and nothing. I had seen my doctor a week before doing this and I was already 3cm. I was told any day! Well the following Monday I had very low aminio fluid, induce labor and was on antibiotics, to onset labor they broke my water. Not to scare you but being induce is no joke its really painfull so if this happends to you I suggest you get medication or epidural. The baby will come when is ready, just be patient.

  • Oh I feel for you. My daughter is in the same boat!!! She is due Jan 9 but has dropped already and is REALLY uncomfortable too. We made her walk up & down the stairs when we went to the hospital to visit a friend last night hoping she would go into labor while we were at the hospital but it didn't work. LOL Here's hoping that you go into labor NOW!

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    castor oil really isn't recommended, it can cause you to have massive diarrhea which dehydrates which is what can cause labor. bad.

    it can also cause the baby to have meconium.

    really not much to do except wait.

    baby will come when its ready. if you try to force it, even at 38 weeks there can be problems.

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    i understand how uncomfortable u are...im 39wks.....i also took castor oil and nothing at all happened......some people say sex, nipple stimulation, walking, spicey foods....you will hear a bunch of stuff from other people, ur just gonna have to keep trying different stuff till u find one that works best for u, and hey if nothing works u know its not too much longer.......and by the way, dont let anyone make u feel like crap about taking castor oil its not as "dangerous" as everyone says, plus some doctors and midwifes even tell u to take it.....GOODLUCK & CONGRATS

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    There are really no for sure things to do to induce labor naturally. It will be over soon, so hang in there.

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    If you drank a whole bottle of castor oil, you would be very ill.

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    Try having a warm bath to make yourself more comfortable. There's nothing you can do to induce labour. Just relax. :)

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