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Has the commercialization of Christmas had a reverse effect on you? Do you buy less gifts than you used to?

Do you ask others to not bother, or to at least keep the gift small (in value)? Personally, between the practice of putting Christmas merchandise in stores before Halloween and the substitution of "Happy Holidays" and "Season's Greetings" for less politically-correct terms, I've pretty much decided to back off and give the retailers a pass.

How about you?

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    we downsized at work this year- gave the $ we would have spent on each other to a needy family

    At work we have been indtructed to say Happy Holidays... so

    I wear a pin that says Merry Christmas

    (not verbalizing it so,,, cant get in trouble)

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    I agree with you. The commercialization of Christmas has gone so far over the edge. I watched a Charlie Brown Christmas the other day and it was nice. Charlie Brown and I feel the same way! I have avoided the stores as much as possible, preferring to shop mostly on Ebay. Of course, you have to start early. My husband has driven me crazy about what I want, and I honestly can't put my finger on one item that I would love. My can opener broke the other day and I asked for a new electric can opener, how romantic can you get? I feel that I am more into useful, thoughtful items, rather than diamonds, gold, etc. I can't get into buying expensive items at all. What we should all strive for and want is Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men. It is the best we can ask for. Merry Christmas! Down with inflatable Christmas decorations.

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    I've done the same. My family has actually skipped the gift-giving completely this year, and have decided only to be together. I like it much more.

    I shouldn't have to feel insecure in saying Merry Christmas to anyone, either. Some things just go too far.


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    Pretty much just the Grand kids 2 and the DIL and son that's it were not buying for each other because we are being evicted with 160 other families in the dead of winter out of our Mobile home park thus no money it cost 18,000 just to move one of these. I do miss eating some of the goodies this year That would have been fun.

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    Over commercialization is suffocating isn't it. Sorta ruins what Christmas is about. I buy less this year because I have much less money now. When I had plenty I bought them a few small gifts and one sorta big gift. My kids are spoiled, get stuff all the time.

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    No, not in the least. I don't go to stores very often, so I don't feel overloaded. I don't really watch too much tv either. I love presents--both giving and getting! I don't care if someone doesn't give me a present, I'm still giving them one if I want to. We homemade tons of candy, and went around to our friends houses passing it out. We made quite a few people happy last night! That's what I'm in it for!!!!

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    I value the true meaning of Christmas, I don't get out the trees, the lights, or the tinsel...but I do take advantage of the nice sales; especially the after-Christmas ones...I give and receive everyday of the year.

    --the Shopaholic

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    Good for you! Sometimes you can find really cool stuff in charity thrift stores - try doing a little shopping there instead.

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    no I'm in the Christmas spirit spend spend spend . happy holidays

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