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My first pokemon game EVER PLAYED BY ME, was the Leafgreen/Firered Version in my GBA. Luckily, since I have 2 GBA's, i can have all three starters, BUT, i used my Venusaur 'till it reached the E4. Too bad I wasted my masterball on a Rapidash, but now, my game was deleted somehow, so I can start the game all over again. Where else can I find a masterball? Which legendary pokemon should I catch with my masterball?

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    well i suggest you save it for Entei, Raikou and Suicune as those pokemon tend to run away the moment they see you and you have to go on a long hunt to find them and you can only find it at saffron city's silph co, the largest building in the city,don't use it on mewtwo unless you want to, its better to save it for the legendary beasts, mewtwo can be caught if you use a dark type pokemon which is immune to psychic powers, best choice will be Sableye from Hoenn in Ruby and Sapphire

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