If i wanted to start selling roses?

How much is the average price for a dozen at wholesale? What kind of roses should I be buying and what kind should i be staying away from? Where do I buy roses from wholesale? Is there places that grow them? I am in South Florida. thanks

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  • s t
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    1 decade ago
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    there is no short and long answer to your inquiry -- a good one i would say to start a business. i met a girl who did that for 4 months and spent the rest of the year in Mexico -- some yrs. ago. it could be the same scenario. here is the steps to take a) prices will depend on the season b) the market of "lovers and others who will buy the flowers" will depend on the period of the year --when holy/sabbatical days abound. c) the sale will depend on how movable you are and the areas you cover and the "weather on that particular day" you are trying to sell. the next big step -- begin by a retailer -- ask "what is available on roses" and put 2/3 conditions -- outright buy of 50 to begin with --and less 10 p.cent if you come back the same day for another 50. One condition -- at the end of 1 day -- the non sold ones you can bring them back at 10% discounted price from their originals. Do this trend for 3-4 weeks. assess the market. and thereafter..evaluate the next month and the month afterwords. you will succeed it depends on you. last but not least --wear something noticeable and in conjunction with your being a flower girl. hope it helps. (marketing professor)

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    very confusing step. lookup from a search engine. that could help!

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    depends in your area

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