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how fast will my shih tzu's facial hair grow back?

I was trying to shave her face a little so she could see better, but i did a bad job and she looks like a disaster!!! If there is anything i could do to make it grow back faster. please tell me. and i really dont want to buy any doggy rogaine either!

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    I shave my shih tzu about once a month. Don't panic - within two weeks you'll see a big difference.

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    You can't make it grow back faster, but you could probably take her to a groomer and they would help make her look better.

    Depending on how much you cut, it could grow back in weeks or months.

    I trim my shih-tzu's facial hair every week when she gets a bath. I just buzz the area between her eyes and to her nose. If you do this, it might also help her look better, and she'll have no hair in her eyes.

    You may have to wait until she's asleep if she's not used to being groomed!

    If you're not comfortable, or if she squirms too much, take her to a professional! You do not want to risk damage to her eyes!

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    My vet once shaved my shih-tzu due to seriously matted hair, it took her a month to grow an inch. After 3 months, she looked like her old self again. Next time you might want to leave the shaving to the pros. Good luck!

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    well, you cant do anything to make it grow back faster, and from what i've seen dog's hair grows slower than ours, so probably like 2-3 months depending on how short you made it.

    next time, you should really take it to a groomer, you dont want to cause any damage especially that close to its eyes, but you can ask them to show you how to do it so you can do it yourself after that.

    good luck!

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    buy some


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    it will take a while

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