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Soccer season coming up!?

I started soccer this past September and did great my coach said it's been a long time since he's seen anyone improve that fast, it was my first year. Well, this Spring season I want to score my first goal! To do that I need to be in better shape. I need to work my cardio but I hurt my knee so I can't do running, spring soccer starts in February and my mom said my knee should be better by like a week before it starts! How can I get in Shape without hurting my knee any further!?

Please help me. : )

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    Swimming is an excellent cardio. Swim laps to the point of raising the heartrate...just as in any cardio exercise.

    I have bad knees and I swim and also ride the stationary bike.

    Good Luck

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    alex You had twelve months to enhance and paintings on your skills. Now, the week in the past attempt outs, you elect instant progression? there's no longer 'progression in a Can' to put in which incorporate your morning juice. You mandatory to have performed on soccer communities, and paintings on your skills and well being for months. you ought to get out and run, Then get the ball and prepare dribbling up and down the sector. in basic terms take some photos to verify you sense gentle with making touch with the ball. it quite is all approximately being in acceptable well being. remember making next years team potential getting arranged THIS year. Soccerref

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