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BYU De-pantsed oregon?

and they would beat most of the top 15 in the polls

now do you agree wen need a playoff?

this bcs bowl stuff is crap


People in the bcs are affraid to play good non bcs teams. so we get stuck with crap teams in the bowls. for example utah utes go 12-0 and thrash pitt in the fiesta bowl. the bcs was to affraid to send an undefeated team like auburn, because when utah destroys auburn the bsc has nothing to hold over non confrence schools.

i hope boise state humiliates OU. the bcs is nothing but a bunch of elite schools patting themselves on the back

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    I'm not sure that they would beat most of the Top 15, but as champions of the MWC and in a legitimate playoff set-up, they should get a shot. Among the non-BCS conferences, in my opinion, the MWC and CUSA are the only two conferences that have competition to the level where their champions should have legitimate shots at the national title in a 16-team playoff.

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    wait a minutes ppl thin kboise state and BYU will beat top 15 teams .i agree they need a playoff sytem but BYU beat a orgon team that sucks!OU will trash both of them easy handed.Oreagon isnt even ranked and yor so exited about the win u get a top 25 opponet yall will be phically dead!

    congrats on a win at a las vegas bowl lol lol nice bowl!

  • turkey
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    I admit I thought Oregon would win. They looked like a team that did want to be there.

  • Jeff
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    these bowls will prove that many of these so-called "non bsc schools" are really good teams.

    congrats to BYU for a great win last night!

    they deserved to be in a better bowl, for sure!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This just proves the MAC should replace the pac-10. And they wonder why we call them soft...

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    true that they are underrated because of there conference but there good i think bosie state will take oklahoma and adrian peterson

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    That was just proof the pac10 is weak.

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