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Is olive oil okay for a cat?

I give my cat Laxatone as an anti-hairball treatment. He does not like it at all. So, I have to rub it on his paws and then he licks it off. The other day I spilled a little olive oil and he purred and lapped it up so quickly. The Laxatone is primarily mineral oil, so I was wondering if another oil (specifically, olive oil) would be okay. Does anyone know?

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    Olive oil is fine for the cat especially if he likes it. I'm not sure what the dosage should be and I would start with maybe a tbl. twice a week to see if that helps.

    Salmon oil is excellent too. You have to get the capsules from a heatlh food store though and probably wouldn't want to dose a whole capsule at one time. You might use have and save the other half in a glass dish and get it the next day. Bottled salmon oil goes bad too quickly.

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    Olive oil is FINE! There are no bad side effects from giving the cat olive oil unless you give too much. Too much of any oil greases the GI tract too much and causes loose stool. Just give a very small amount.

    Here's a website with recipes for cat treats, one includes olive oil:

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    Well I don't see a problem with using olive oil. Its natural. But I see that some people on here have answered no. I don't see why. So call your vet and ask and why some think its wrong. We've used it on our dog before. Vegetable oil would work too.

    • Natural has NOTHING to do with it. Hemlock is natural too as well as lead and arsenic. Mums can kill a cat. People often say it's natural, like everything natural is safe. You are way wrong and I hope you reconsider your use of the term. Also, what dogs digest is far from what a cat digests.

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    Yes, it is - just be careful not to use too much. It'll be great for your cat's skin and coat as well!!

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    NO!!!!!!!!it causes BIG illness!

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    HELL NO!

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