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Does everything I touch have germs on them? I mean germs the size of quarters.?

I guess you could consider me a lucky guy. I am from Jackson, Mississippi. I do not have trouble chewing or swallowing. And, I do not even have Asperger's. But, I have a problem. Everything I touch, I feel like there is a quarter-sized germ on my finger.

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    You've been given the impression that all germs are bad. Forget that. Yes, there are micro lifeforms (not necessarily germs) on everything you touch or see. Life begins on the micro level. The first form of life on earth was single celled plants and animals like amoebas and plankton. Those micro life forms are eaten by larger ones like fish, dust mites, etc. These, in turn, are eaten by larger. It's the chain of life.

    The few micro life forms that cling to your finger don't want to be there. Go ahead and wash them off with a mild soap. That will take care of them. AVOID antibacterial products. Those damned things don't kill better than soap, but they DO cause the surviving bacteria to breed stronger strains and they weaken our own immune systems.

    When I was a child, it was ok to play in dirt, make mudpies, eat snow, etc. and everyone's house had a little dust. No big deal. Today's children are so insulated from honest dirt that their immune systems are weaker and they have asthma and allergies my generation never developed.

    If you want to give the bacteria in this world a real kick in the butt, get a little dirty. Build your immune system. And remember that your immune system is made up of good bacteria and hormones that fight the bad. You don't want to kill them with antibacterial stuff. You have natural defenses against germs. Use them.

    The only time I use antibacterial soap is after I've handled raw meat. If the processing practices in the meat industry were as good as when I grew up, I wouldn't even do that. By the way, thorough cooking kills all bacteria in the meat and you can eat it without fear.

    If you worry about contaminated spinach or lettuce, don't buy the bagged stuff. Get the loose stuff and just rinse it thoroughly with cold water before you eat it.

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    germs are microscopic(teeny,tiny) So small that You can not see them with the naked eye. Wash your hands after leaving the bathroom and before you eat food that should be enough for most people. Easy does it life is fun so please enjoy yourself. Germs don't come in the size of quarters Live!

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