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How do I completely bypass websense?

I have no access to proxy filters because my school blocked the phrase 'proxy avoidance' on websense. Is there a bypass that will disengage websense or be undetected by websense?

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    yes, you use a completely separate proxy http tunnel, for example you can download torpark (and run it of a usb drive) which uses such a system

    Also you can print of a list of free public proxy servers from home, and change your internet explorer proxy settings to use a different one instead, however the blacklist on proxy servers for websense is quite extensive so it'll take some time to figure out an uncensored one, use proxy tunnels instead like the one above.

    however, if sys admins get wise enough they can always block the ip's you are using for the proxy tunnel, then its time to move on to the next one! ;-)

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    Nope, all that is locked down by the county and there is no way to bypass it.

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