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Dont u just HATE it when........???????????

when some1 asks u out just because u have the looks??

I mean hey Babe wanna hang out!!

hey gorgeous..wanna play?

like what is that?

where are the Gentleman out there

Hi nice to meet u..I would like to get to know u more..

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    I read the answers and some of these people are assuming that you dress slutty...I don't know you so Im not going to say that about you. If a man see a pretty woman dressed slutty...or not they are going to hit on you. Just ignore all the losers. There are gentlemen out there. If you are going to clubs then don't expect to find Mr Right there.

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    Good question, normally when someone asks you ouit it is because of your looks...and usually looks is what sparks an attraction to someone...

    But seriously, could they just get to know some one before asking...Hey babe wanna chill?

  • You know some guys are too intimidated by your good looks, but me? I'm going to give you half a chance and say you actually have a brain! So what's up?

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    baby girl, when it come to asking girls out, there is no really good instruction book we can look up. what ever pick up line we'll say, it would be corny. it just makes me laugh when i hear guys try to be smooth. the simple approach would be "hi, how's going?". if the interest is there, then the conversation would continue.

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    i go out with a lady because of her personality and i dont use such terms as "babe" or "gorgeous" when addressing a lady

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    Yeah, I hate it when women just walk up to me and start making moves like they can just " have me" because I'm a man and should be easy.

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    Yeah I hate that, or when a girl goes will you go out with me, i know you ahve a big "unit" and im thinking to myself DAMNIT HOW THE HELL DID SHE KNOW!

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    Ask yourself this question, would you talk to someone if he looked llike a scrub???

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    yes...I had a guy who thought he was hitting on me when he said,

    "you look a lot hotter than you did 4 yrs ago...did you lose weight or something?" Then he proceded to ask me!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah, I'm one of em.

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