Child support?

Ive been collecting child support from my babys dad and i was wondering if you can cancle it b/c i want to make a deal with him. Or is it an involved process.

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    I know that if you are recieving medical or child care assistance from the state than you cannot cancel the child support case. The state makes it mandatory that you collect child support if they are going to pay those expenses. Other than that, I wouldn't see a problem if you aren't getting assistance. I mean the child is yours and what you do is between you and him.

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    if the courts ordered the child support then only they can cancel it. I have a niece that told a judge she makes four grand a week. and she did not even have a job at the time. she lied about having a job. now she is looking at jail time for not paying a lot of child support. and all she had to do was at least, show she was no longer making that kind of money. like she ever did. lol the people that have her kids tried to help her and get it dropped but the judge would not do it.

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    I work for the Welfare/Child Support agency in my county. To make it easier to understand, just call the Child Support Agency in your area and ask a general question to anyone that answers the phone. That way you won't have to tell them who you are or exactly why you are asking. I personally don't believe that would be a good idea because if you were to back out of Child Support and he does not continue to make good on his part of the agreement down the road, I'm not sure you could start it up again. Then you could be screwed.

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    I went through this. Sometimes when you aren't with the father, he will try to make you feel guilty that you are "taking his money" & he really just wants to find a way to not pay at all. I wouldn't cancel it, especially if you need that money to raise the baby. Because after he kisses up to you & promises to "make a deal" to get you to cancel it, you might never see a dime from him again. He's legally responsible to support that child, & absolutely should. After you request a cancellation from the court they might be hesitant to reinstate child support when you need it again.

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    Child support is court ordered. In order to revoke child support you need to file a petition with the court so that the state can not go after him for support in arrears.

    Child support is for you child, not you. Canceling support will do the child a disservice.

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    petition the court/child support services, for a change or modification and the reason why. they do not always agree, but if you work together and come up with a solution, it is your decision.

    only have your childs best intrest in mind.

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    you want to make a deal with him, for who you or your child. the money you get for child support is to go for your childs needs, and nothing else.

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    depending on the state, you should be able to take care of it. Request a hearing in front of a referee... Explain the situation and go from there. A few years ago, they were going to lower mine, however, I told them to keep it the same. It's for my kids... I hope the ex has the smarts to use it properly... That's her gig... not mine to tell her what to do with it...

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    I don't know where you are, but in Texas you can....but it is very hard. You have to go through the attorney generals office. If you are wanting him to sign his rights away, then you have to get an attorney, let him sign the paperwork and include the childsupprt ending in that.

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    sure, you can do that if you both agree on it. just make sure you have the contract written up by a lawyer and approved by the court.

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