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I want to learn English. How can I ....?

My maternal language is the Spanish. Thanks.


Thank you very much people for your answers!.

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    If you can spend a little money on this, try purchasing the Rosetta Stone (english) software. It costs between $100-200, but is excellent. Just being with native English speakers will help a lot too. Whenever you are with someone who knows English, and even if they know Spanish, try to speak English with them. Go to the library, and pick up some books about English. Read English novels, to learn the style of speaking. If you also want to learn grammar rules, and rules for writing and punctuation, you might want to try English schoolbooks that you may be able to get at the bookstore or library. Hope this helps, and good luck!


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    You should either take an ESL class (English as a Second Language) or get instructional videos and tapes. If you think you will learn better with a teacher, go to a college in your area and get signed up for an ESL class. If you want to go the cheaper way buy some CD's and DVD's.

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    For typing it, you do very well. You may want to try buying books on speaking English. Barnes & Noble or other bookstores carry a variety of books, cds and dvds that will help you. If you have friends who speak English tell them to talk to you in English so you will learn more. Sometimes a neighborhood community center offers free English courses to people who want to learn it.

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    Niice.. I actually wanna learn Spanish better LoL. But there is a software called Rosetta Stone.. they say its the BEST and most effective way to learn a new language!

    It also helps to surround yourself by people who speak English and practice it everyday, sometimes you might have to look at a dictionary but over time it gets better.. (Btw: Do you have any ideas how to speak Spanish better? lol)

    Buena suerte!

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    Christmas is coming up. If you really want to that bad, ask some of your family for books, or just check out english books at the library.

    If you choose to read at the library, start out with kids books. As you read more, advance to teenage and then adult.

    But, your english is already pretty good...

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    1. be in the internet and use english whenever you can

    2. buy english book or download free e-books/pdf files

    3. listen to english songs (from American or British bands) and sing along

    4. whenever you watch dvd, use english subtitle, and when you're comfortable enough, don't use subs

    5. join english class. it's for your grammar knowledge

    6. join conversation club, if there's none, make one your own with some friends who are also into learning english.

    ps: it seems that your english is good. i think you can do well

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    weel english is not my first language either but after comming to the US it got much better, and yes watching tv.listening to people talking and reading books help a lot, and try talking with another friend who is learning english too


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    Hola my marternal language is spanish also .... I learn english about 10 years ago and is not hard @ all .... u look like you are not doing bad your self...... good luck

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    Hm, cool. I learn English since i was young and some conversation and such are easy for me. If you don't mind, i could teach you alittle bit of them :D

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