Would God reward both of these people equally?

Would God reward both of my friends equally? Here example my female friend owns a condo overlooking Lake Ontario and she has a good career job making big money and she owns lots of nice clothes, furniture and stereo equipment and she gets to go to plenty of rock concerts and many trips to different places and yes she is a Catholic and she has lots of friends and yes she is a really nice girl.

As for my other friend he has a learning disability and he is one of the most biggest hearted people I've ever met and he is currently umemployed and when it comes to his friends he'll do anything in the world to be a great friend for them and yes he does believe in God and Jesus.


My male friend doesn't have alot of money or lots of nice possesions and he still lives at home with his family, he is a really nice person.

My female friend sometimes works voluntarily but due to her busy schedule she doesn't get to do it very often and she knows that no good deeds are ignored.

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    It sometimes seems to us that God does not treat people equally. "Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all who are treacherous thrive?" asked the prophet Jeremiah (12:1). We all know of undeserving people who seem to prosper, whilst others who are more kind and good seem to be hard done by.

    However, God sees everything, and moreover, whilst we only see part of the picture, God sees all of it. "For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart" (1Samuel 16:7).

    God also says that people will be rewarded according to their works, but that God is also generous and will appear to some to be unfairly generous to some (Matthew 20). God also rewards those who do good things in secret and who are not rewarded by humans, and he rewards those who make sacrifices for him and for others.

    If you are interested, do a search on the word reward in bible gateway to see what Jesus said about it:


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    How does one know the mind of God?

    Prosperity does seem to insulate people more from the empathy that one feels for his/her fellow man. It is much easier to rationalize that you "deserve" what you have. You know, "I worked hard to get where I am and if others worked as hard they would have what I have" sort of thing. A pretty woman or handsome man has no true understanding of what it is like to be plain and do not see their advantages, they put down their success to their own abilities. The same with the people that have grown up in a stable household where money was not the prime concern. You would think that these people would be more generous but in my experiance it is just the opposite. Of course there are extremes in both cases.

    I think that being affluent, even if one has to work for it corrupts our sense of self but I have absolutely no idea what God would or would not reward and anyone that claims to I would believe to be a faker.

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    We have the story Jesus told of the tallents,one received 5,another 3, and another 1.The one's who were obedient with their talents 5 and 3 recieved the same reward , but the one that had 1 did nothing and was cast into the lake of fire.We are admonished to warn those that will be rich and I am not suggesting your one freind is this away but it's something to be concerned about.

    Source(s): The Tallents Matt 25:14-31 Being rich 1 Tim.6:17 Jesus
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    Although I'm not the one to judge but if they both have God and Jesus in their hearts then God would reward both of them equally although the last would end up first and the first would end up last, although your female friend may be wealthy if she gives up some of her rewards then God will reward her as equally as your male friend, I'm awfully glad that you believe in God and Jesus yourself.

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    i definitely won't be able to declare when you consider that all you pronounced approximately "Nick and Jamie" replaced into their social and monetary prestige. God judges human beings on their deeds. think of approximately it, in case you will supply a prize for a cake making contest ( stupid occasion, i understand even regardless of the indisputable fact that it will would desire to do ) and a pair of human beings happen. one has torn clothing, and unemployed, yet has a great cake, and the different is prosperous and has a mansion yet with a disgusting cake, who will you supply the prize to ?

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    God won't reward people for the things they have or the church they attend. the key is to have a relationship with Him and do the things you do because you know it is right, following God's path and guidelines.

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    Only God can judge. He knows what's in their hearts.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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    God gives you only tasks that you can handle..seems like each one of your friends are living out their God given purpose

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    It doesn't matter how much money you have, but are you all wrapped up in material things, God is going to Judge you for your Good Deeds..acts of kindness while here on earth. you can be blessed with a nice home, money, job, cars and still go to heaven..or you can be poor and enter also...the important things is......Does she give or help others freely??? Your man-friend is headed in the right direction in God's eyes...and it's one to to believe in God, but are they serving Him??? equally......No.......but, you just listed material things about her????

    Source(s): KJV
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    Depends who you ask. On the brief descriptions you have given I would say the later has more awaiting him.

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