Do you believe life existed on any other other planets at one time?

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    I believe that life exists in space right now. There is such an overwhelming number of stars that thinking anything else seems naive.

    BTW, I checked on the It sounds an awful lot like the Art Bell show, it's a conspiracy theory thing where people make all sorts of wild claims and try to make them sound like news. There are no "tunnels" on mars, nor are there artifacts. The scientific community is too large for that to be kept secret. Furthermore, I've examined pictures of "tunnels" and "domes" on mars that people have clamed were taken by NASA then hidden from the public. After looking at them for a few seconds, I opened MS paint, pulled the picture in, and reversed the colors (made it negative). Since the pictures were in B&W, the tunnels and domes quickly became the more familiar dry riverbeds and craters. So much for that.

    As for the original question, I am going to run a little thought experiment for you.

    Lets start with a billion stars (that is less than there are in our galaxy, but a good starting point for this example)

    1,000,000,000 stars

    Now, lets assume that only 8% of these stars are G class stars like the sun (this is the appoximate number found in samples of stars, and only includes main sequence stars--giants and supergiants are actually rather rare). We are being conservative here; we're dropping a couple other classes of star that might be suitable for life bearing planets.

    1,000,000,000 x .08 = 80,000,000

    Ok, now let's remove the multiple systems. I read recently that a new conservative estimate says medium mass stars (G class) may be up to 80% multiples. Getting life bearing planets around multiples is pretty hard (not impossible) so we'll just as conservatively throw them out.

    80,000,000 x .2 = 16,000,000

    Since we've been discovering that planets around stars are pretty common, I'm not going to toss in a number of these stars that have planets. Instead, I'm going to estimate that 90% of them have huge planets that have a disruptive effect on life bearing planets. I think this is overly conservative, but you'll see the point in a minute.

    16,000,000 x .1 = 1,600,000

    Now, of these stars, how many have planets that are the right distance from the star? It's actually pretty easy to get a system with planets in the right place. They also have to have the right conditions, but these conditions aren't as delicate as some scientists would have us believe--remember, life on Earth developed in an environment that we would call hell on earth. So, knowing that water is relatively common, and that the conditions (sunlight, big enough planet) do have to meet certain criteria, we'll estimate that only 10% of these systems have planets in the right place to get life.

    1,600,000 x .1 = 160,000

    Well, as we can see, we've come up with a pretty high number. You could put in more conservative estimates and still wind up with thousands of planets, but I think this proves the point. We started with only 1 billion stars, the milky way galaxy alone is thought to have between 200 and 400 billion, and our galaxy is one of only countless billions in the universe.

    How likely is it that we would find intelligent life out there? Probably not as likely as life in general, and it depends entirely on what is meant by intelligent. If we mean tool making and communicative, then we will probably see a relatively low number. Some argue, however, that intelligence is inevitable, that species will develop tool-making and language as a necessary survival mechanism. So maybe that number will be high--we simply won't know until we get there!

    Hope this has been helpful, see the links below for more..

    Source(s): ^edit^ I keep seeing Jesus and God dragged into this. If God is all powerful, why can't he create a universe with other life besides our own in it? Maybe it isn't in the bible because He didn't feel we were ready for that kind of thinking yet, seeing as we were so vile to anything we came across that He made but didn't worship him (ie native Americans). How would the crusaders have treated little green men? they would have demanded that they worship God or get burned as demons. So why would God send us Aliens if we were likely to just try and destroy them? Christianity has responded to mounting evidence in favor of evolution by inventing "Intelligent Design" so why don't they just go ahead one further and say that God can do intelligent design wherever he feels like. That will save them a lot of conflict when Humanity finally discovers extraterrestrial life. PS, this is a science area, not a religion one. We discuss the scientific and empirical concepts of life, the universe and everything. God is not something that science can prove or disprove, and no self respecting scientist would even try. Please answer in this area using intelligence and observation rather than what they feed you at church.
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    I believe life exists on other planets in the same sort of way that I believe a creator exists as well. I look at the world around me and realize that we are all connected and all part of one organism, what we do affects all, and in this perfectly balanced system I see cycles and transitions that seem to be of intelligent design. I realize that even the slightest difference in any atoms would have changed the universe in profound ways. Now when I see this the idea that this all happened(the universe) by luck is impossible, it is unfathomable. However is this proof for a creator, no it isn't, however I still believe in a creator through reason and logic alone. Now about the E.T. Its the same sort of thing I feel that the universe is so big that to think we could be the only higher life forms within this beautiful creation is, as well, unfathomable. Now does this prove that extraterrestrials exist? No but I still believe that aliens exist through reason and logic alone. Here is the Drake equation i'm sure you've heard of it. The equation The Drake equation states that: N=R*(Fp)(Ne)(Fl)(Fi)(Fc)(Fl) where: N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible; and R* = the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy fp = the fraction of those stars that have planets ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets fℓ = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point fi = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space L = the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.[3] Now I plugged numbers into this before and I damn near peed myself at how many intelligent civilizations came out other than ours, however its still just a theory.

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    I believe there are other planets inhabited with differents types of life. Although I've been reading KABBALAH material for the last 3 months, it says that there's no other life in the univers except on our planet. I don't know if to believe that, because there are explanations to that subject in the kabbalah. it claims that god created life only on earth, that every "alien" that a person claims to see or meet, is actually a ghost, sent by the devil.

    I think otherwise.. Maybe humanity will never get a chance to find another planet inhabited with intelligent life, or creatures like humans, or even sorts of animals or microbes.. I think this is what god wants, that we will never find the true answer, because if we will, it will make religious people crazy, and they will stop believing in god, and it will be a total mess betwin religions.

    But this alien stuff can now remain only in our science-fiction books and movies, because humanity still doesn't have a powerful technology to seek for other solar systems like ours..

    However, there are places on earth that proves once more that it has been visited by unhuman sources, leaving evidence that has no explanation.

    But here is something for you to think about: Our sun is not the only "sun" in the univers. There are millions of stars like our sun. That means that there might be planets circuling around them, but we can't see them because of the enormous light that blures even those who watches through a powerful telescope.

    And also, conditions of a planet that may have life on it is very rare. It looks like someone posed our planet earth exactly in the right spot: Not too close and not too far from the sun. if it was closer, it would be too hot on earth. If farer, too cold.

    So the chance to find a similar planet, placed in an exact spot from the sun, to have life on it, is very rare. Maybe there are, maybe we will never get a chance to find it out.

  • U asked a question of opinion! I think that life can exist on other planets right now. Just think...there are 100000.....stars in the Universe and if just a half of them formed a solar system it would be impossible that one of that planets didn't develop life.

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    Yes, I think that life on another planet at one time.

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    I have came across some bizarre photos on from government satellites pertaining to Mars. Many were from the Viking probes. What they showed were glass-like tunnels running in and out of the surface of Mars. Artifacts were photographed as well. So it might well be possible to say that life once existed on Mars at the lease. Check out the site for yourself

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    Yes...we know that Mars had water, and where there is water, there is life. I still belive that there is life somehwre on the edge of the universe.

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    Definitely not. The more we find out about the other planets and space, the clearer it is that there is just life here.

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    probably not, if there was any other life, it would have to be able to survive without oxygen. and theres nothing about other=planetary life in the Bible (which is what i believe) - hope i helped - God bless,


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