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How should I deal with breaking up with girlfriend with baby due in 2 months?

I really dont know what to do. I want to fight it but it seems its not going to work out. She still wants me to be in the baby's life which I will be there for the baby. Should I just wait till we can work out later on or just keep fighting to work things out now.


I really dont know what to do. I want to fight it but it seems its not going to work out. She still wants me to be in the baby's life which I will be there for the baby. Should I just wait till we can work out later on or just keep fighting to work things out now.

May I add that it was her decision to end the relationship and I would never abandon my child.

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    When women are pregnant they aren't very rational. Give her space for now. After the baby is born, and all those pregnancy hormones are out of her body, she may realize just how much she misses you.

    So, for now, just back off but let her know you're there. Make sure you're at the hospital for the baby's birth. And be there to help as much as possible afterwards.

    Six months to a year from now, you'll know absolutely whether it's over, or it was just a very bad hormone thing.

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    Just take the easy way out. Why not, it's the easy way! Move on to the next girl, knock her up too, and then you can leave her as well. Staying together for the baby isn't something that you should do, but people who have answered this question are right. Women are nuts during a pregnancy, but you have already committed to her to be around for that. You owe her at least that much. Wait around for a couple months and see how things go. You can't just run out on her now.

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    you really should be there for's a stressful time for you both! maybe take a couple days away for yourself, explain to her that you need a break, but then come back and handle the situation like a MAN. you have a responsibility...maybe not to her but to the child. Putting her under any sort of stress right now isn't good for the baby. So do what you need to do to destress yourself, reflect on the entire situation, and decide what's best for you and your girlfriend and your baby. After its born, then reevaluate your relationship and the reality of it working out or not. you never know unless you try!

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    Just go with the flow, she will probably come around after the birth of the baby. Just be available for emotional support and when the baby is delivered. the two of you have a life long commitment like it or not. There is no way you will not be a part of her life for at least the rest of this child's life. Good luck and God bless****

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    Have either one of you tried counseling?

    How old are the two of you?

    And although she is due in two months did you really think this through?

    I wish you the best of luck as well as for the baby who will be hurt in the long run if the two of choose to fight his/her entire life.

    Remember you and the mother are the force behind the new life that the two of you are bringing into the world.

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    Your Baby? You should take out a large life insurance policy and after the baby that you will abandon is born you can off yourself so he/she will not have to grow up in poverty.

    Try being a man.Take care of your kid.In 18 years you be selfish and do what you want. And get yourself fixed people like you shouldn't reproduce.

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    follow ur heart & instincts

    if you feel it isnt going to work out, dont stay in the relationship for the baby's sake ..

    you can still be a good father without being in the relationship with the mother.

    if you want to make it work, then try again .. but if that fails.. theres your answer


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    Hormones are probably the reason she seems absolutely impossible. I think it is important that you are there for her right now. I would not break up with her til after the baby is born. Most important right now should be the safe, delivery of your healthy child.

    Good Luck

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    If you can't get harmony in your lives, don't subject the baby to it. The baby deserves a happy home, and if that means two homes (one for mom and one for dad) it's better than teaching him/her that a normal life is full of anger and hostility. If it works out later, all the better. Good luck and congratulations!!

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    Wow, before everything ought to take a DEEP breath. it quite is soooo fairly undesirable so which you would be able to be crushed with all of those detrimental thoughts once you in basic terms extra a eye-catching miracle into this international! you ought to straighten up your priorities. what's greater substantial at present? irritating approximately your ex's new lady buddy or taking good care of your new child eye-catching little woman? in case you already know that your infant in sensing which you're under pressure (which she truthfully can), why might you maintain making that total mess which incorporate your BF a precedence at present? you ought to provide him a decision and tell him precisely the way you sense. Texting doesnt practice emotion. you ought to call him and open up approximately all which you have instructed us as an grownup and verify this as quickly as and for all. Your infant does not deserve all the rigidity. once you rigidity, she will rigidity besides. seem in any respect the exhilaration on your existence for in basic terms one 2nd. seem at that beautiful little infant and to any extent further, permit her soak up a while and efforts, no longer your ex. God bless.

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