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What are the BEST preparation materials (books, CDs) for GMAT 2007?

I need as many suggestions as possible. I'm taking the GMAT in 2 months..I need to know how to maximize my time and focus on the best materials out there.

Also, are there any free sample tests on the net?

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    Get the Official Guide, and mooch off someone who's done well.

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    I worked at Barnes & Noble 4 over 4 years, and that i had just about thousands of shoppers inquire from me "what's the superb study handbook for this try" or "that try" i will inform you the same element I instructed them. The study courses do not some thing so a procedures as providing you with the regulations you want. you may favor to study from years of training. all the study courses do is practice you for the try format, that's it. that is what you do, bypass to the e book shop and are available across a GMAT study handbook that has an extremely reproduction of a previous years try and seem and the try. in case you experience you're accostomed to that sort of try, then basically get the most inexpensive GMAT study handbook accessible with a replica of previous GMAT checks. If the try format seems unfamiliar to you, get a GMAT study handbook with the most important kind of previous checks.

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