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if i last seen my period the end of september when did i get pregnancy.?

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    Sometime in early-mid October then. You get pregnant around 2 weeks after the first day of your period, because this is when you ovulate. It depends on the length of your cycle though.

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    If your period started in the end of September, you got pregnant about 2 weeks after that.

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    You would probably be 12 weeks pregnant and got pregnant around the 13-17 of October. I know because had my period the 28th of September and got pregnant the 14th of October. Congrats!!

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    They assume two weeks after your last period. But they count your pregnancy as starting on the first day of that last period.

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    you may not be pregnat....depending on how long ago you started your periods you may be changing times as far as periods.... i skipped a couple of months and i flipped out b/c i wasn't sure what was happening, turns out now my periods are earlier than they had been... try a pregnacy test it it says you are clear ( baby less) then try a diffrent brand for pregnacy test, some times they work diffrent if after you feel sure you are not pregnat don't sweat it, if you get a YES and then a NO ask a doctor if you get 2 YES's then congrats!!

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    probably about 2 weeks after that - Mid October.

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    probably during the end of september or in october...

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    go on this web site and enter your last period date.

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    ask your doctor

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