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Why few things always goes wrong ?

i tried hard,but not able to maintain the good relationship between my wife and my other family member(Brother,Mother),some thing happens and things are just more bad than what they are.My wife is aggresive with 0 tolerance,my brother is aggresive and 0 tolerence.I really want to make peace, but nothing works.we are already living apart, but still have very bad relation.I am timid, don't want to loose job, can't keep on figting, can not see kids weeping, when fight is there, Basically can't fight consistent against these devils,who are self focused, can't sacrifise, can't show the maturity.Please suggest, am i the wasteful product to born,living with unfulfilled imotion.I am feeling hopeless life..Please suggest

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    I wouldn't worry about whats happening , if your wife and brother don't get along with each other, they need to stay apart. tell them that you don't like what they are doing to your children. but your first priority should be your wife and how she feels. talk to her. and try to make your marriage work. and tell your siblings if they are going to come over and start something, they need to stay away, tell them that your wife and children don't need that in their life, stick up for your wife if you truly love her, stand by her side and give her the support that she desperately wants.

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    Your family focus should be your wife and children. Not your siblings or parents ... it is not your job to be the family peacemaker, but only the loving father and breadwinner for your wife and kids. Get back on track and get a backbone.

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