what is good proposal for my boyfriend of 8years?

I am going to ask my boyfriend christmas evening in front of family and friends to marry me but i need good words to put it in ,any suggestions would be great

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    1 decade ago
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    It is hard to give suggestions on something so personal. I'd personally suggest not doing it in front of family and friends... I would never want to be proposed to that way. Plan a quite moment and tell him how much he emans to you and that he is the only one you could ever imagine growing old with. I think a marriage proposal is a personal thing and not something to share with the world. But that's just me. You know what is best in your situation.

    Good luck!!! I love it when women have the confidence to go after what they want without always waiting for the man to make the first move...

  • 1 decade ago

    Its never a good idea to propose in public, it puts the intended on the spot and opens you up to embarrassment if the intended rejects the proposal. A proposal is an intimate thing and as such should be done in an intmate way and setting.

    or, you can say "Honey, I'm pregnant (pregnant pause here)...... with the desire to be your wife and grow old together! "

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