Does anyone have any tips on flea market vending?

I was considering doing this, and would be interested if anyone had done it before. What would make a successful vendor booth?

If anyone has done this, what did you learn from the experience? Would you do it again?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've done it before. To my opinion, you have to survey the buyers/market that go to that flea market. Are they looking for antique? cheap husehold items? cheap electronic items?

    Most Flea Market opens only weekend (Sat+Sun), some open daily, some open only Summer, some open year around. You have to consider the days that the flea market open to the public and the cost of rent you have to pay, and how busy the flea market every weekend.

    My experience, I sold variety of items and they were new. But, some customers looked for used items and only want to pay less. I didn't get business and ended up with Zero profit at the end of the month because the Sales is enough to cover up the rent only.

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