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Week 16: Grossman,Rivers, or Hasselbeck at QB? Championship game!?

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    At this point i would definantly go with Rivers. He is on a role and more consistant than the other two even on the road. Grossman is a good pick as well. Hasselback has to much riding on his shoulders I just don't think he can pull it off. Besides Chargers D will shut him down.

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    Tough choice, I'd go with Grossman. He'll be playing a horrible Lions Defense and in a Dome. Rivers was horrible last week against the Chiefs and Sea is solid on defense. Hasselbeck has been underachieving since he came back from injury, but I'd start him if you don't like Grossman

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    Hasselbeck is a no off the bat, facing a tough Chargers Defense. Grossman has been inconsistant as of late. Best bet is to go with Rivers. Seattle is struggling as of late and the Chargers are playing amazing football.

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    Man...tough choice. Gross IS starting and has a great matchup but nobody knows if he'll play the whole game or not. They haven't talked aobut that aspect much here in Chicago yet. Rivers BURNED me bad this week so I am really struggling to suggest him. It seems every time I start to trust him he has one of those games. Hasselbeck is missing his go to guy and playing an insane defense. Yikes. Honestly I go with Grossman here. Even if he sits the fourth quarter he should put on a clinic against the Lions. If you don't have the same apprehensions about Rivers he is a viable start too...I just struggle to allow myself to suggest him right now!!

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    Rivers just doesn't have any receivers and that's why LT gets all the TDs. Grossman is impossible to predict. I think Hasselbeck may be the safest choice.

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    Hasselback because Grossman isnt playing for anything and Rivers is struggling

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