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im getting a puppy?

im getting a puppy in febury and it will be 9 weeks old and it is a 3 hour car ride home what should i do and it wont be leashed traind

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    9 weeks old is good enough to be potty trained and leash trained.


    Before you get in the car, make sure he poo/pee first. It's better to wait for him to finish his business than having him pooping around your car.

    Tell him "Go pee pee" constantly (or any other commands to do potty) until he does it. And when he does, don't forget to praise him "Good Boy". That's the best way to start a learning progress.


    Give just a small amount of water and food if necessary. If you give him too much water/food he'll get nauseated and will definitely puke on the inside of your car.


    Stop every 1 hour to have a pee stop for the dog. Don't forget the commands, and don't forget to praise if he does his thing.


    It's better if you have somebody to comfort the dog. 3 hours drive is pretty stressfull for puppies. If your friend could comfort him then he could at least sleep in peace during the long way home. But whenever he wakes up, make a stop, let him pee. Puppies are like babies, they pee as soon as they open their eyes.


    Another pee stop before you enter your house. Let him get used to it. Remeber, command and praise.

    Good luck!

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    ideally put it in a CRATE in your car.. if the pup is small breed it will be safer in their anyhow - in fact some places of the world its ILLEGAL to have your dog/pup loose in the vechile they MUST be restrained in a crate or doggie seatbelt...

    have a towel on the bottom of the crate

    if the breeder knows what time you are coming then they wont feed it right before hand

    3 hours is NOT LONG - the dog wont be needing a potty break AND VERY IMPORTANTLY a potty break can KILL A PUPPY - your puppy WILL NOT BE FULLY VACCINATED (1 shot isnt 100% protection) so anywhere you stop could be a death trap if PARVO is in the area (a long lived virus)


    infact until it is fully vaccinated the only place your pup should go is in the back yard...

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    I'm agreeing as well: crate the baby. I would use a Rubbermaid bin though so if it does potty then it won't leak on the seats and you don't have to put a lid on it most likely. Plus after about 20 minutes the baby will fall asleep and you might get lucky and it might sleep all the way home. If you do stop, put the leash on and pick the pup up and place on the ground. Get a LIGHT leash so they can hardly feel it. Otherwise they get on the ground and just crouch there cuz they feel the weight of the leash.

    Good luck!

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    Please use a dog crate for transport. The pup will be safe and there won't be any accidents if you make a stop along the way. You can also use the dog crate for house training and then it can become their own private space when older. As far as the leash training the breeder should begin that training after the first round of shots. The pup may not be totally leash trained but make sure to use one for the potty break on the way home.

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    Maybe in the car ride home you could try to introduce the leash a little so when you go to the stop areas it will be a little more basic to train it.I hope you have a really good time with your puppy!

    Source(s): I'm getting 2 puppies in June. My best friend has 4 dogs and 2 of them are puppies. So she told me everything.
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    When you stop for break train him with a leash Also if you have a crate i would crate train him for car rides and in the home some dog owners don't like crates some do. I personally never crate trained my dog but we had a bar in our house that we didn't use so we turned this into the dogs bedroom. Also if you crate him in the car and he goes to the bathroom you won't have that in your car and it won't be a big deal

    And as for a comment to the one about don't leash your dog ALWAYS LEASH your dog in some places its the law and if your dog is not leashed and it bites someone or another dog don't matter if they attacked or intagonized him youw ill be held responsable. ALWAYS LEASH YOUR DOG

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    1st of all close all of the windows. if its hot where u live use air conditioning or crack pen the windows a little. 2nd of all stop every 15 min. to let him go 2 the bathroom but make sure u have a leash or hold him. 3rd if u have a big van put him in the way bac but if its a small 1 then put him in the back with a seat belt on. lol no joke.

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    Both of my dogs, inbeween picking them up and getting them home pooped in the car. If they do just know that it is just nerves and they are babies and can't help it. I would recommend bringing a crate so if it does happen it doesn't get all over your vehicle. either that or wrap him in a blanket you don't mind getting soiled...

    Good luck with the new pup! Thats always so exciting!

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    when i got my puppy it was a pretty long drive home and the breeders gave her something to settle her stomach. but we still had to stop half way through the ride because she was gassy to say the least!!!

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    you will have to stop at the rest areas for a break and that will be the best time to introduce the leash

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