What jobs can you get with a graphic arts technology degree??

Does anyone know if you can really get a job with a graphic arts technology degree (associates). I don't want to do something boring.. thanks

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  • ARTmom
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    1 decade ago
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    You can work in advertising, magazines, newspapers- art for the web. Also use it to get your foot in the door at places like movie studios and such- alot of competition so maybe try a intership somewhere. I even noticed that they advertise on myspace things like that-I've been a fine artist for 7 years and a mural artist for 22 years (nice to be home in my own studio) my 2 Yr graphics degree is arcaic now, my design degree and my BFA in fine art helped more, things change so fast! Im a wiz bang at my own computer now though. There are huge job markets for versital people who are willing to go the extra mile. WAlk up and ask- thats how I got my first jobs. I did everything in college from photography studio work to painting names on boats in the OC and drawing portraits in the lobby of a bar. Of course your road leads down a different path but drive and desire will get you there. Check out the Artists and graphic designers source book in the ref. section in your bookstore----about 24.00. Good luck!

  • Gail
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    4 years ago

    RN, IT Analyst, Art teacher are ALL going to involve going back to school. Getting a good job with just an Associated Degree in Design means some limited choices as most with an AA are relegated to the lower end, barely related jobs like Printer's Devils at a print shop, or working the counters at copy and print service bureaus like Kinko's and the like. The hight end, real design job are filled up by the thousands of BA that come out of the system every year. If two years in school was just too much for you, then all you really have left is to find a way to sell you skills as a freelancer. And that means convincinng clients, one at a time, that they need your services. This is VERY people oriented as most sales jobs are. And make no mistake, the primary function of ANY freelance career is SALES. There's no getting around it, to make big bucks in this economy, you need a HIGHER education degree, or go to some trade school that teaches skill that will be in demand, such as nursing, diesel mechanics, HVAC or something like that.

  • 1 decade ago

    Experience is key. You'll need a strong corporate porfolio of work produced for clients. You could freelance or intern to obtain this experience. An associates itself honestly won't do very much.

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