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went to the doctor on wednesday?

im 38 1/2 weeks. He said it wasnt neccessary to check for dialation yet because its still early. Is that normal or should he have checked?? I've been having cramps all the time and my lower back hurts every now and then. I'm due jan 3 and he said he was going to try to get me as close to that date as possible.

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    My Dr. did the same thing to me this week!! They said they would check if I wanted, but they weren't going to check if it was their decision. I asked that they check and they said that I was only 1cm dilated. Not uncommon for 1st pregnancies, apparently. Next time you go, I would tell him that you want him to check things out. you don't really want any huge surprises, right?! My feeling is that things can happen pretty quickly, so you may be 1cm today, but tomorrow, ready to go!

    Good luck!

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    Yeah, that's normal, he will probably check you next visit. The doctor's goal is to get you to have your baby around the due date so that there wont be any health issues of any kind that they will have to worry about, and so the baby will be fully developed. If he checks you to much, it can irritate your pregnancy, and possibly make your baby come sooner than he/she is suppose to or is ready for. Don't feel bad, because I felt the same way, and had the same pain around that time, and my doctor wouldn't check me. You will know when you are ready to go into labor, TRUST ME. I've been working for the hospital for a while now. I see this things everyday, and I know from experience. When he finally did at 40 weeks, I wasn't even dilated at all, so trust in your doctor, he knows what he's doing, now if you start to bleed, or leak fluid, or have really bad, unbearable pain, and he still says or does nothing, then you worry.... But, don't rush it, enjoy your peace and get some rest, because trust me you are gonna need it. I didn't want to listen to anyone when they were telling me these things, I just wanted her. Let's just say she's a great baby, she is my world, but I haven't had more than 5 hours of straight sleep since she was born and she's 11 weeks now, so enjoy your rest, and Good Luck, Congratulations!

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    Some drs dont like to check until your 40 weeks because messing with the cervix can cause you dialate faster.

    With both of my pregnancies I was checked weekly starting at 36 weeks.

    With my son it didnt make me dialate...but with my daughter it put me into labor at 38 weeks by being checked.

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    i am 39 weeks and was just checked for the first time yesterday....

    is this your first baby???? because most doctors wont check you until week 39 because of the whole "first time babys dont come on their expected due date".....and sure enough, my cervix hasnt even started to efface!!!!!! (i also have been experiencing cramping and back pains like you have...but nothings happening!!)

    midwives are much different from OBs that work out of a hospital....i personally could never see myself going to a midwife, but that is just me and i dont shun anyone who does favor midwives because its just better for some people!!!

    your doctor is in the position he/she is in for a reason.....if you dont like the experience with them, dont go to them after the baby....and if you feel you are going into labor, by all means call and tell your doctor and get to the hospital!!!

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  • Most drs that I am aware of start doing exams every week during your last month. My daughter is due Jan 9 and she had an exam last week & will have another when she goes to the dr today. Hopefully she will have the baby soon - and you too!!!! Good luck!

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    Why do people put up with worthless doctors and poor healthcare?

    He should check you because you asked to be checked, even if you were only 20 weeks.

    You pay him for his services, and educating you on your condition, and properly monitoring your condition is part of that.

    Iam 35 weeks, almost 36, and at 32 weeks I asked my midwife to check me because i just felt... different. Sure enough, my baby had completely dropped, was fulling engaged at station 5. He's been that way since, and now iam starting to efface.

    You NEED to be checked, especially if you've been having a lot of braxon hicks, and especially if you're that close to being due AND feeling different.

    Next time, fire that wothless doctor, and get one who's going to provide you with the services you pay for.

    Checking the cervix doesnt put you into labor. They dont poke and prod it. all they do is feel it. It takes just a couple seconds to feel with two fingers whats going on.

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    It sounds like he's doing everything right. You may be ready to be through with the pregnancy, but your baby really will benefit from waiting the extra 2 weeks. I know it seems like it will take forever, but you'll make it. Congrats! I pray you have an easy delivery.

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    Congratulations!! You are going to have a wonderful little baby soon. I don't know about what he should have checked but he's a doc so I imagine he knows what he is doing.

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