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Glue for mixed sculpture-shells,tile onto wood and fiberglass?

This is a project for a scupturewalk. Its outdoors in the midwest. I have used liquid nails but was more pleased with locktite. Has anyone used gorilla glue or anything else? The tile goes on a fiberglass shape. The shells onto the wood. I thought about epoxy as "little,curious hands" always touch things and its a public, tactile piece. To fill in between the shells and to seal. Could it be used as a glue to the wood or do I group them withepoxy and then glue the shape on the wood? Ideas? I know its undetailed questioning but its an original....THANKS!!!!

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    If there was a genius chemist, he/she would combine the properties of Goop (marine grade) and Gorilla Glue. They are the two best adhesives for exterior applications. Also try Clear Gutter Sealant. It sticks to EVERYTHING! Any of those three would work!

    Source(s): My hubby is a hobbyist and building contractor
  • Gail
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    4 years ago

    Pressure treated wood is not the way to go for starters. You can use marine plywood and laminate it in layers to get the thickness you need. Or you can use a non treated hardwood. You can then use a marine epoxy from West Systems and fiberglass over that. Normally you can just fiberglass directly over wood and do not need to use any type of glue or epoxy for bonding.

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    Definitely Goop. My daughter did a school project for which she needed to glue glass to wood. After the project returned home, it lived on our back porch for a couple of years, completely exposed to the weather and we could not ever get the glass to come loose from the wood in order to salvage it. Finally had thr throw the whole thing away...

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    I like Plumber's Goop and Aquarium sealant to attach odd shapes to almost any surface particularly those that are subjected to weather. Both hold well to almost every surface you are working with and ithey will create a water tight bond once dried. I also love Locktite, it along with duct tape are always in my craft kit.

    Source(s): Avid crafter and 30 years experience in interior design
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    I would use a polyseamseal caulk. I once remodeled a kitchen and used polyseamseal caulk to attatch slate roofing tiles to a plywood wall, works better than liquid nails and usually will attach to most anything. Water clean up and a tube is about three dollars. It's also weather proof once it sets.

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    to adhere anything FOREVER, try Goop. i haven't found anything it won't glue together. i glued the bumper trim back on to my car and then used it to push another car! the trim is still on 8 years later. the only negative would be if you change your mind on the layout.

    Source(s): Goop comes in many types, but i've heard it is all the same.
  • T C
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    gorilla glue works as well as anything

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    everything but

    gorrila glue is cool

    and so is super glue

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