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I have this fish tank and about every five days I have to clean it how do keep the tank clean for about 2 week

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    Certainly don't get an algae eater - they pollute the water, as they poop a lot.

    Get a more effective filtration system. I always just a filter rated for 20 gallons MORE than whatever size my tank is. Also, don't use an undergravel filter. Get Hang off the Back or Canister.

    Feed a little less; only feed what the fish can eat in 1-2 minutes, once or twice a day, and remove any uneaten food.

    When you clean the water, vacuum the gravel, too.

    Do larger changes every 2 weeks. You could do 50% water change twice a month instead of 30% every week.

    Make sure that your tank is not overstocked. I don't know what size your tank is for what kind of fish you, but certain fish (oscars, goldfish and plecos, for example) produce a LOT of waste and therefore require more room. It wouldn't hurt to do a spot of research to make sure that all your fish can comfortably fit in your tank.

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    Start feeding them less. Try once every other day. Change the filters in your tank. Keep the tank from direct sunlight. For some reason the sun will make algae grow. If you have lights in it...try shutting them off for a day or so until it gets cleaned.

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    Feeding the fish less food is a good start.. Change about 1/3 of the water every few days cuts down on it as well..

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    Snails are very good, to keep the glass clean. You need better filters. It's not a very good thing to change the water often. The filters should be strong enough that the water to become cleaner each day. This way, you'll have to change the water every month or even every second month.

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    only put enough food for the fish to eat at one time, any extra will pollute the water. also make sure your tank filters working (if you have one) and maybe get some fish that eat algae like snails, suckerfish, etc.

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    Have less fish, feed less and have a good filter

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    Get some algae eaters.

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    get some algae eaters these will help alot

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