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Are you really fat if you have a pot belly but everywhere else is skinny?

I'm a 118 ib 5'7 22yr old woman.

My friends and instructors and cafeteria ladies tease me about how skinny I am that I'll blow away or fit anywhere(I think the jokes are cute because I know I'm not too skinny)

My mom is the only one that's calling me fat just because I have a belly that looks like I'm 3 months pregnant. I'm not pregnant though.

So does that make me fat? She won't let me eat any more food to gain weight just because she thinks I'm fat. I want to gain 5-6 more pounds.

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    Your a long way from being fat, and a tiny pot belly is normal for woman.

    Your friends are telling you the truth, if you want confirmation ask your Doctor he/she will tell you for your height you should be between 130 and 140 lbs.

    If your belly bothers you then you can do some exercise to flatten it out a bit but your by no means fat and its totally normal for you to have it.

    Woman are built like that so we can have babies.

    Your mom however should rethink and not be so critical, maybe she has an eating disorder and is projecting it on you. You need to eat properly and healthy to keep your bones strong.

    Otherwise you will end up paying for it when you get older with brittle bones.

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    Ok. First if you are skinny everywhere else except your belly you are more susceptible to heart disease.

    More than likely you need to do some sit ups/ crunches and work on your "core". If these muscles aren't in good shape it will make your stomach appear bigger than it really is.


    Is you MOM in great shape? You are a 22 year old Woman. Seems odd that your Mom is regulating your food intake.

    Tell her to watch her own figure and let you to worry about you.

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    No, you are NOT fat. And if you are comfortable with who you are and how you look, let her know. If you gain the additional 5-6 pounds, think about doing some toning exercises to maintain some muscle.

    Happy Holidays.

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    hey it's your body!!

    i am a sixteen y/o guy, i weigh about 120 and i'm 5'9" and i can fit my hands around my thighs

    but i mean i dont think that i am fat at all i mena yea i dont have a six pack but i dont really want one my body is the way it is and the belly is one of the most common places in your body that fat is stored. it's just like that i mean you could excersize and eat as much as you want you just have to eat right like fruits and stuff nad then you wont have a problem

    but do what you want it's your future grab a hold of it

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    Lots of things can help lose weight, a good nights sleep, exercise, not eating too much junk food, eating sensible amounts of fruit and vegetables, and yes green tea may help do it's bit by assisting your bowel movement. Get more information here:

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    you are not fat, your mom is not thinking clearly. Most women have the little tummy because of a thing called a uterous and hormones. Weight fluctuates with hormonal changes. If mom calls you fat, tell her you are hormonal.

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    no i say do alot of crunches and only work on the belly

    and keep that sliming down and everything els normall....

    then when everthing is around the same size then you can deiced if you wanna do a diet and exercise for more or less weight

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    youre 5' 7" and 118 lbs? you are NOT FAT at all... but that doesnt mean youre healthy or in shape.. maybe do some crunches, ab work... eat healthy and your body will adjust itself to its natural weight...

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    It doesn't matter what a 22 year olds mother thinks. Its you that has to be happy with your body, not your mom. If you feel you need a few more pounds, then you do, its your body.

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    You are grown you eat whatever you want. If you want to lose/gain weight this is your right.

    This is a personal choice that you need to make for yourself. No one knows what you want more than you.

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