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Is the Draft going to happen within the next 2 years ?

CNN mentioned it this morning... tests to see if were ready because our military is spread thin !

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    The only reason why the military is speading thin, is because Bush keeps sending people over there to get killed. If he would stop unneccessarily sending troops to their deaths in Iraq, then we would have a good sized military. I don't want the draft because I don't want my son in the future to be forced into war. Me, I wouldn't fight any war that Bush has started. I would rather go to jail then fight in a war for Bush. I would punch any military officer that came to my house to get me. I'd fight anybody who would try to take me to Iraq. I'd rather take my chances in jail, then to go to Iraq, be put on the front line with little to no military training and get killed for sure. That's all the draft is, meat for the slaughter. They put draftees on the front line so they can get killed and the real troops will have some cover, us!

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    I have no problems with the draft - well other than one major condition.

    If a draft is started EVERY congressman, senator, President, everyone from the Presidents staff-the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Vice President, all of them....any kids or grandkids they have should be drafted first. And i dont mean into some "public service" type of role. Actual military service. It should be mandatory for them. When these chickenhawks are ready to send their kids off to fight in battle then the rest of us should follow. Until then no go. Lets see the Bush twins fighting the war on terror instead of getting drunk night after night in clubs in the Bahamas.

    It will never happen.

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    Maybe so. Only time will tell. Democrats will get the blame since they control congress and senate and it will mostly be their decision and call, but it might come down to being something that has to be done regardless-that there is no other options. If our military is overburdened and we find ourselves facing another conflict somewhere else in the world what other choice will we have?

    In my opinionthe blame should go to the person who got us into this mess in the first place-who caused our military to be stretched so thin.

    But it wont.

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    Nothin to really worry about unless we get muddled up in a war somewhere else. The "DRAFT" is just a good way to stir up some turmoil and make headlines. The media and polititions use it as a catch word to draw attention to their anti war propaganda but the likelyness of it happening are incredibly thin.

    Want more money for the army? Say we may need a "DRAFT" without it.

    Want to pull out of iraq? Say if we continue we'll need to "DRAFT" more troops.

    Want the president to look bad ( like he needs the help)? Say we'll need a "DRAFT" in order to keep his war going.

    I'm waiting for the day they say we need to outlaw "ABORTION" because we may need to "DRAFT" those kids someday...

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    The draft will not go into effect while Bush is president, but if a military-hating Democrat like Hillary or Barack Obama becomes president, and the conservative youths stop enlisting as they are now, then we may well see a draft.

    I wonder what the Democrat rank-and-file will say when their kids are put into uniform ?

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    My son was in the National Guard or Army reserves and went to Iraq last year. He spent 12 months over there and if they fire up the draft, which they might, then he may not have to go back, but who knows what the US government will do. Fearless leader in Washington doesn't have a clue as to what he will do next, so your guess is as good as mine.

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    hopefully they least require some kind of public service. Good way to slim down the "obese" youth of today, instill a little pride in this country, and provide life and coping skills to those unable to cut the umbilical cords to mommy.

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    I sure as heck hope so, then maybe we will get the kind of protests that should be happining

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    I sure as hell hope not because I'm at the prime age as are my friends!

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