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How many of you think a war is coming between Russia and China? I ask this because.....?

...... Chinese people are currently settling on Russian soil because of room issues in china. Do you think China is planning a '"part capture of Russian soil", the part thats closer to them? If this happens i think the chinese army will be Obliterated by the russians because the mass of the Russian army is greater then the chinese.... Anyway leave your feedback. I want to see diffrent standpoints on this issue. thanks!


Well, i also heard that russia is giving benefits to anyone who moves back to russia from anywhere in the world. i heard they are mostly seeking teens to young adults. i dont know bout it but i see russia getting back on their feet in a few decades....

Update 2:

it was on the news yesturday night on RTR or russian TV...

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    Russia's military is a joke. Russia's popluation is decreasing. There are more abortions in Russia every year than live births.

    Yes, it's just a matter of time before the East of Russia is taken over by China.

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    Yes, for years China has referred to parts of Russia as the "Northern Resource Area". This would be an interesting conflict in that China would be caught moving its units into the strike area and then it would be Russia's move. It would also be difficult for China to get there in the first place because of the terrain and China's lack of transport assets (otherwise Taiwan probably would not exist at this point). Unfortunately, I can see either Moscow or Bejing losing their temper and sending this war nuclear far to easily.

  • Stefan
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    What could China win by capturing Russian soil ? A nuclear conflict ? The cost would be a lot higher than the benefit.

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    From both political and economic standpoints neither country would benefit from such a war. Both countries are in the process of rebuilding their economies, and trying to achieve economic rather than military advantage. Additionally, both are dependent on foreign good will, as with China's Most Favored Trade status, and a war would cost them both the very alliances and foreign support they require. The only country in that region who might be crazy enough to start something would be N. Korea, and that would annoy not only China and Russia, but the U.S. as well.

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    Both have outdated weapons and low military budgets. It would just be a slaughter on both sides. I hope it happens; that means China or Russia couldnt back the Middle East when WWIII breaks out w/ Iran and Israel; becuase theyll be preoccupied w/ themselves.

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    Do you see a war coming between the US and Mexico? Mongolians in Siberia ain't exactly new. If things get out of hand, it could eventually cause a mess, but this won't be Zhukov pushing back the Japanese from Manchukuo. More civil, I bet.

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    You are the second one to ask of this today, do you have a link to an article discussing this? I would like to see

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    Not going to happen.Relations are normal between the two countries.Both are enjoying economic boom times.Russia has oil and natural resources.China has industry and manufacturing.They want to trade, not fight with each other.

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    China is too busy with economic development and Russia is politically disjoint. I doubt we'll see it every

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