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how can the home be instrumental in developing cognitive skills honing talents and in culcating values in chil

answer should be in 100-150 words

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    Well, it seems that more and more "talents" have a genetic basis. Good math abilities run in families, for example, as well as music. But having the genetic ability isn't enough. But, because the parents are good at math, they may use it in every day life, and encourage their children to use math by playing math games, asking them to add up the grocery bill, etc. And parents who might be good at music know the value of practice, and can ensure the child gets the proper practice, good teachers, etc. In this way, the genetic ability and the environment feed into each other and help the child to hone his or her particular skills.

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    Based on the awkward way you asked your question, I assume you are asking:

    How can (staying at) home be instrumental.....and in (cultivating) values in children?

    The home has always been a stifling, restrictive choice placed upon women. Maybe more men should be trying to cultivate values in children instead of slopping it on women's plates.

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