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Common ground for atheists, christians and agnostics?

I am agnostic, although I am pretty much an atheist in all but the fact nobody can KNOW either way.

I do not beleive in a deity that has concious control over anything. But I do sometimes feel that nature itself and all the scientific mechanics of life is itself what christians call "god"

If we harm 1 part of nature, nature heals itself and adjusts accordingly to correct that damage.

it is in everything (just like "god") and is the force behind many a strange event.

do you not think this is a common ground? and that what agnostics and atheits say is science and logic, is just a physical proof of a christian "god". But that "god" is a human projection of these physical effects in which humans have elevated to a higher being?

Love nature and naure will respond positively. Hate nature and the opposite will occur.

Just a theory


The question is plain enough.

Can both sides of the fence relate to this? Can each side see the point?

Anyone open minded enough to accept this? from either camp?

Update 2:

Ok, maybe asking people to "accept" was a stretch too far, but at least to understand where each camp is comming from. As an atheist/agnostic I UNDERSTAND why people would take the beleif that god is a higher being. And if a christian could take the mental stretch in understanding that athiests and agnostics believe science and logic are just physical truths of that very same beliefe. Surely there wouldn't be su much hate?

Or am I just being too optimistic?

Update 3:

And I get a thumbs down for what? trying to bridge a gap between two opposite beleifs with a little understanding and logic? Sheesh!

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    I think that on the extremes of both sides there is no compromise.

    Me, I know there is no god and no one can convince me otherwise. But, I can get along with any christian who doesn't automatically condem me to hell.

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    You'd be hard pressed to have the three groups involved agree on a philosophical tenet. If we are to find a common ground to work together on instead of mistrusting each other over, we might be able look to social issues for commonalities. This would require each group to put aside their preconceived notions about the others. A daunting task, but not impossible.

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    i've got faith that all of us have something in undemanding and that's the reality that we are all people. all of us agree that killing is incorrect and all of us tremendously lots agree on many of the comparable subjects. the only alterations are that Christians have faith in God and Christ and Atheists do no longer at the same time as Agnostics say that they don't understand one way or the different. that doesn't propose that every person person of anybody team has greater morals then the different person of any communities. I additionally sense that each and every physique can stay a ethical existence basically like each and every physique can stay an immoral existence. We as people make judgements customary of our lives. the substantial element is that we make the the suitable option judgements somewhat of the incorrect judgements. I additionally sense that everybody has the the suitable option to verify directly to have faith or no longer have faith in spite of the shown fact that they choose for to accomplish that basically as long as they do no longer injury each and every physique then so be it.

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    The thing is that the beliefs you describe hardly have anything to do with Christianity. It is essential in Christianity that God has a concious control and judges people and was even somehow incarnated in a human being they worship as God (as his son, but they say father and son are one). Your beliefs are much nicer.

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    Had a hard time finding a question there. But people who have critical thinking ability have a common ground. What they believe in does not matter if they are able to listen to reason, and think for them selves. That is the common ground we all should aspire to.


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    the most common ground these groups have is the Y and A section.

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    I couldn't agree with this, bc God created nature. You've elevated nature to the importance of the Creator, this is foolish. You shouldn't worship the creation but the source of the creation, God.

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    I agree. Nature is the wonder behind everything.

    Source(s): And I agree with the man above me.
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    Christ could be the only common ground between a christian and anyone

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    Earth First!!!

    We'll strip mine the other planets later.


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