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Pregnant with skipping heart beats?

All the women in my family have a history of skipping heart beats. Normaly, the skipping only happends once a month or so...nothing big. But now i am pregnant and my heart is skipping at lest once everyother day. Does anyone else have this? I have looked up on the internet about heart problems. The only way they can look to see if you have a problem is surgry. I don't want to pay for that. Anyone else have this?

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    I have a history of heart problems in my family, and my doctor wants to do excessive heart test on me and the baby to see if it is a concern. Maybe you should ask your doctor if you should be concerned about this, but i don't think it's a problem if it's only doing it that often, some people have it all the time on a daily basis and still no complications. I would just talk to your doc and see what they say.

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    i dont know nothing about skipping heartbeats you dont mean palpatations do you when you can feel it beating theres normally nothing wrong with them just adreanalin levels thats what my dr said i also had this worse when i was pregnant comes and goes now and again

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    please see your obgyn asap. we in this answer room is in no shape, form or fashion qualified to give you advise-only a certified physician can do that. so please seek the advice/help of a professional/certified physician. good luck and God bless.

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    get help

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