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What are other forms of female contraceptives?

I'm really bad at remembering to take my pill every day, I hate injections and me and my partner don't really want to use condoms. Are there any other contraceptives, don't really want to have a coil fitted either...


I would just like to add, my partner and I have been together for 4 years, and when we first started going out we both went to the G.U.M clinic to be checked out and were given the all clear, so i don't need to protect myself from any diseases, just not ready for a baby yet

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    There is a patch out, like the smoking patch

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    Put your pills someplace you CANT forget them. They are the MOST reliable form of bc and can be used with condoms to protect you from stds.

    Keep them beside the sink in your bathroom so you take them every morning OR put them by the kitchen sink so you take them every night? If they are in a drawer, they will be easily forgotten. Get a suction cup organizer and stick it to the fridge or your mirror. Take them every day.

    There are so many great things about the pill, being able to count on your period at the right time, for just so many days. PLus you can fiddle with them a bit and hold off your period if you want to. With shots, patches, etc....there could be new side effects that you have to put up with until the month is over etc.

    Lastly, they keep recalling this new stuff. Like one of the patches, there are lots of lawsuits over those.

    Keep the pills where you can't forget them. Move them to a new place if the first isn't working or stops working.

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    Nuva Ring-goes into your vagina for three weeks and on the third week you take it out.

    IUD- goes into you uterus and stays there for five to ten years depending on which one you pick.

    Female Condoms- You put It In right before you have sex.

    Patch- you put a different one on every week and on the forth week you go patch free.

    There more but thats all I can think about you know I had this same problem and I ended up with a beautiful little girl. Good Luck

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    How about the patch.....While I'm here, why are you not using condoms? Are you not concerned about STD's or HIV? Do you not know that you can get many diseases months even years after exposure, so either of you could make the other sick.....educate yourself, and be more responsible.....

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    The condom does more beneficial than basically birth control. that is likewise functional for the prevention of disease. also, the female beginning controls at the on the spot are not one hundred% efficient. neither is the condom, besides the indisputable fact that, utilizing both will very much decrease the possibilities of being pregnant.

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    There's the cervical cap, but you do have to remember to put it in.

    used with spermicidal jelly it's quite effective, you need to go to the doctor to be fitted for it.

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    Asprin... Held tightly between the knees.

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    diapragm, nuvaring, IUD

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    femidoms and vasectomies

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