The meaning of Christmas? What do you think it is?

Living in a predominantly Muslim society, I don't consider Christmas (by this I mean Santa) to be commercialized over the roof, however in other parts of the world, it may seem to be over-exploited. Many people say that Christmas now is an over-the-top holiday frenzie, which is arguably true.

Many people also say that Christmas is about giving and not receiving (just like Santa). This is sweet, really, and I really don't want to offend anyone, but I think this kind of misses the spot. Though giving is a virtue, the meaning is the birth of Christ.

I do acknowledge that Christmas and Easter we know today may have been somewhat influenced/derived from pagan traditions. But I wouldn't say that Christmas and Easter are pagan celebrations, since commemorations of the birth and resurrection of Christ (the ACTUAL Christmas and Easter) must've gone on (however subtle) ever since His resurrection. I do think that the cultures had assimilated with the celebration of winter and fertility.

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    Christmas IS about the birth of our savour Jesus Christ. It's His birthday,we're opening presents on HIS birthday.

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    Religion of any type is about power and control, and with Christianity, making a profit mate. No one takes it seriously, Muslims are entitled to their beliefs, as much as Christians are, don't delve too deeply because there is nothing to find. All religions have only 2 things to sell hope and fear, I don't subscribe to any of it, if people were not brain washed from birth religion would fail tomorrow.

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    It's the birth of thoughts of love for your neighbors, sharing, and helping, at time of giving..... as God gave us his son Jesus, and Jesus gave his life doing his Father's will for us, that we would be forgiving on earth and live in his love for eternally in heaven.

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    Presents! Presents for everyone!

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