Need list of suggestions to entertain a US military son on leave from Iraq in January?

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    If I were you I wouldn't make a bunch of plans. I say this as a veteran of the Iraq war. When you come home, the first thing you want to do is just relax and enjoy freedom and your family. You'll be surprised at the little things that will be exciting to him. Just a good meal, a good shower and a nice soft couch to hang out on and enjoy the peace of being home. Let him tell you what he feels like doing. Take it a day at a time and just enjoy each others company.

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    Cook his favorite meals, I am sure he would appreciate that a great deal.

    Have a homecoming party with all of his favorite family and friends to welcome him home and go from there.

    Tell him Thank you from me for his service and sacrifice.

    i have a brother and a cousin over there.

    Have a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year! God bless****

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    Ask him what he'd like to do. No one would know better than he...

    One more thing, tell him I'm proud of him for serving our country and do not listen to the jug heads that say any different!

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    Take him on a vacation to Canada

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